If You Need a Breathalyzer on Your Keyring, It Probably Means You Shouldn’t Be Driving (DUH!)

Judie: I have personally always thought that unless you were buying something like this as a joke, buying a breathalyzer — especially an $11.50 one for your keyring — means you are already going to be drinking too damn much, and someone else needs to drive. 😛

Carly: Agreed…plus Wired did an awesome article on these a month or two ago. Essentially the cheap ones vary so much they are useless. Now that would be a fun chat with a cop. “Honestly, Ocifer, my breathalyzer said I was ooooooookay….!”

Judie: Right! I mean, I could see some sleaze at the bar saying – “hey baby, let me make sure you are OKAY to drive!” as a BAD pick-up line, but otherwise? Anyone who even thinks they might need one of these has a problem. 😛

Carly: I could see this being used as a drinking game…what’s your blood alcohol content after one shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, and suddenly you owe the host new shoes….

Judie: There you go!


Personal Alcohol Breath Tester’ by EFO

It’s extremely dangerous drive at drunk, not only while driving car, but also boat, aircraft, etc. Any type of vehicle also has the same legality setup to let driver stop to drive when blood alcohol level exceeds the legal settled limit.

Most people believe they know their own limits. However, the reality is often very different from their perception. Sure you can touch your nose or walk in a straight line, but is this really an indication of that you are not drunk?

Breath test is the most effective and scientific way to check up the blood-alcohol. Personal Alcohol Tester estimate the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs. It is a good indicator for you to consider whether you should drive or not after drinking.

Features :

* 100% brand new and high quality
* Portable and convenient to carry on keychain
* Easy to use and quick response and resume by press and hold the power button, red and yellow LEDs will light
* Just exhale into the vent to get your BAC immediately in about 20 seconds
* Countdown and count-up timer
* Clock with 12 hours format
* LED flash light torch function

Colored Light Indicate :

* Green : under 0.02% BAC
* Yellow : over 0.02% BAC
* Red : over 0.05% BAC

Judie: Oh and look! It has an LED flashlight, which means no more drunk-fumbling with locks in the dark! Now we all totally have to get one.


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