Can You Breathe Your Way to Weight Loss with Lumen?


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Can You Breathe Your Way to Weight Loss with Lumen?

What if I told you there was a device that you could blow into multiple times a day that could then read your breath and tell you what you need to eat to meet your dietary goals — to effectively hack your metabolism? Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s what Lumen says it can do.

Through a single breath, Lumen’s powerful AI engine analyzes metabolism to determine whether users are burning carbs or fat for energy, and provides immediate nutritional guidance and real-time insights based on that physiological data. Lumen creates a daily personalized nutrition plan to help users lose weight, optimize workouts and reach their health and fitness goals. In beta testing since 2017, Lumen has already helped more than 300 beta testers lose an average of 6.8 pounds in 30 days.

Can You Breathe Your Way to Weight Loss with Lumen?

Using the Lumen in conjunction with its iOS or Android app, users can take a reading first thing in the morning to see how yesterday’s meals, sleep, and activities are affecting today’s metabolism, which impacts fitness and weight loss goals. Lumen will provide you with that day’s goal for carb consumption along with “recommended meal combinations, snacks, and even a “food search” feature to determine the amount of carbs in any food, making it simple for users to stick to their plan, anywhere. ”

As you go throughout your day, you can take additional puffs on (your oddly vaporizer-esque) device to keep yourself on track.

The science Lumen uses is based on Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), which Lumen says is “the preferred method for determining metabolic fuel. In a single breath, Lumen measures the CO2 production and O2 uptake of a user’s breath to calculate how much energy is being burned from carbohydrates (higher CO2 levels), or fat (lower CO2 levels).” Does it work? I don’t know. But I’m looking forward to trying one out.

Lumen goes on pre-sale today for $179 (it will retail for $299).

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