MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory

The latest high-tech grilling accessory for the summer is here: MEATER, the first wireless smart meat thermometer.  MEATER is a Bluetooth enabled meat probe that you can leave in your meat throughout your cook, allowing you to keep track of your meat’s internal temperature remotely through a mobile phone app.

MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory

MEATER comes elegantly packaged in a butcher block-style charging case with a built-in magnet on the back, allowing it to be stored in the refrigerator. The MEATER probe fits snugly inside the case with metal clips.

The case itself takes one AAA battery, which can recharge the MEATER probe over 100 times. The case also has a button that triggers an LED light that indicates the state of the battery.

MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory

The probe itself is attractive; it’s made out of stainless steel, it’s water-resistant and easy to clean. The bottom of the probe is black, where the Bluetooth transmitter and battery are located. The very bottom of the probe is a metal conductor that serves to charge the battery when it’s placed in the wooden charging case.

MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory

The probe is 6mm in diameter and 130mm in length. The internal probe battery is said to last for up to 24 hours of continuous cooking.

The maximum internal temperature MEATER can withstand in the meat is 212°F, and the maximum ambient temperature MEATER can withstand in the cooker is around 527°F.

This should be able to handle everything from low-and-slow to high-temperature cooking. If you’re searing your meat over extremely high heat, you’ll want to take MEATER out of the meat first.

Here’s a gallery of screenshots from setting up/connecting the probe for the first time:

The MEATER app is chock full of useful features. It allows you to choose the type of meat you’re trying to cook, and the doneness you’re looking for, and it’ll keep track of your cook for you, even estimating when your food should be ready.

Also, the MEATER app will keep track of your previous cooks. Additionally, the app has recipe videos for you to learn from and follow along with.

Here are some app screenshots while using the probe:

The app also has a feature called “MEATER Link” which allows you to share MEATER probes between multiple devices by connecting the MEATER probe to your WiFi network.

This allows for further separation between your mobile device and the MEATER probe being used, but it requires an additional mobile device (phone or tablet) to be kept within Bluetooth range to keep the MEATER probe connected to your WiFi network.

I really enjoyed my time testing the MEATER probe. It really does keep track of your food while it’s cooking.

I tested the MEATER in an 8-pound brisket in the smoker for about 8 hours. It kept track of the internal temperature admirably, and the battery had no issues lasting the entire cook. It was very nice having a way to check the internal temperature without having to go outside.

Here’s an image of the final product of my brisket cook:

MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Is the #1 Summer BBQ Accessory

The biggest issue I had was maintaining a Bluetooth connection the whole time. My smoker is outside in my backyard (duh), but the Bluetooth connection didn’t reach into my kitchen, which is about 30 feet away.

I lost connection to the MEATER probe many times. Each time the probe disconnected, I got an alert. Then once I reconnected the probe, it had to re-estimate the cook time. My recommendation is to use the MEATER Link feature, assuming you have a spare device allowing the MEATER to connect to your WiFi.

Overall, I’m impressed with the MEATER wireless smart meat thermometer. It’s got a ton of features crammed into a small, attractive package. The unit is very well-built, and the companion app is fully featured. It does what it promises; however, it falls somewhat short when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity range.

Most people will likely want to track their food from more than 10 feet away, so there should have been some thought put into how to extend the range without the requirement for a second mobile device.

The MEATER wireless smart meat thermometer sells for $69.95; it is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Great design; Quality build; Long battery life; Great app

What Needs Improvement: Bluetooth connectivity range is less than ideal


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