The BRICKSPOWER Gives Your Smartphone Juice Wirelessly

One main gripe I have with portable battery chargers is the need to carry a cable as well. While there are some that have internal cables to charge your things, I wanted to take full advantage of the wireless charging features of my iPhone. Now I can do that with the BRICKSPOWER.

Initially a Kickstarter campaign, the BRICKSPOWER is the first of its kind: A wireless charger that eliminates cables, and allows you to wirelessly charge your smart device.

The BRICKSPOWER Gives Your Smartphone Juice Wirelessly

Using nano-suction, the Brickspower attaches to the back of your smartphone, and when you’re phone’s battery gets low, you enable the charge feature to give your phone a bit more juice. I’ve had the chance to use the product over the past few weeks, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Although the design is a bit clunky, it does charge up my phone when I need it to. Here are some details in my testing.

Internally the BRICKSPOWER comes with a 2,400 mAh battery, which is enough to charge up your iPhone X from 20% to a full charge one time. The company prides itself in its ability to wirelessly charge (something the competition cannot ) when you want it too, but even more so, when you do not need to charge your device, you can simply stow it back in your bag when you don’t have a use for it. The nano-suction adhesive means the battery pack does not have to stick to your phone 24/7, but instead it can be removed and reapplied with ease. I found this to be true and false in my testing. After I finished using the charger a few times to give my phone some juice, the nano-suction adhesive picked up pocket lint, and as a result, after the first 5-6 tries it will no longer securely stay on the back of my phone.

The BRICKSPOWER Gives Your Smartphone Juice Wirelessly

BRICKSPOWER also says that the battery pack can double as a phone stand, which it does, but only in one direction. There are other uses for it such as a desktop wireless charger so you can essentially plug the BRICKSPOWER up via USB cable at work, and charge both it and your iPhone simultaneously. While this is nice, I can attest that wirelessly charging is remarkably slower than actually plugging your phone into an outlet, so I exclusively use the BRICKSPOWER for on-the-go use.

The BRICKSPOWER Gives Your Smartphone Juice Wirelessly

What makes the BRICKSPOWER worth it though HAS to be its price. While many external battery packs have a price of $50-60, the BRICKSPOWER may set a standard being only $24. This is a great stocking stuffer gift, but it is also a great item to have in your everyday carry for those moments your phone needs a bump in juice.

For more information on the BRICKSPOWER Battery pack, you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign today. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Truly wireless, and fits the form of your hand fine for use while on the go

What Needs Improvement: Maybe make the casing a bit more flush and flat, design a bit clunky

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