Traveling In Style with TravelPro

Traveling In Style with TravelPro

The hardest part of traveling has to be the actual packing and preparation. However, if you have great luggage that gives you enough storage space like the TravelPro Platinum Elite series, you’ll never forget things.

With enough storage space and pockets on virtually every part of this luggage, the Travelpro Platinum Elite 21″ Expandable Carry-On Spinner that I received to review has become my new favorite soft-carry spinner suitcase for travel. Typically a fan of hard case luggage, immediately the Platinum Elite spinner wowed me with its looks, and then surprised me even more with its storage. TravelPro makes everything from backpacks, to laptop bags, but the luggage line is where they truly shine. With the Platinum Elite 21 spinner I received, compared to my Away luggage, I receive more packing capacity, with the ability to expand the bag out a bit more thanks to the external zipper that expands the capacity by an extra two inches.

Traveling In Style with TravelPro

I received the black model, which wouldn’t typically standout if I had to check a bag and wait for it at baggage claim, but as a carry-on I found myself receiving compliments on how the silver accents on the zipper and how “light” the suitcase looked as I sat awaiting a flight for a family wedding a few weeks ago.

Traveling In Style with TravelPro

The Platinum Elite Spinner also comes with a built-in USB port that seems to be a standard in most luggage these days, which is great because the past few airports I’ve been in lacked wall outlets (in 2018 mind you). Since the bag is TSA compliant, it’s worth mentioning that the battery pack adheres to FAA regulations so you won’t have to worry about disconnecting or removing the battery — unless you have to check the bag at the gate — in which case, the battery is easy to disconnect and remove.

Traveling In Style with TravelPro

On the inside of the Platinum Elite Spinner, there’s enough storage for everything you can imagine. On the left side of the suitcase, there’s storage for things such as dirty clothes or shoes to separate them from your clean clothes, a fold-out suitor for your dress clothes so they don’t get mixed in with your everyday clothing, and even a quart-size wet pocket for your sweaty gym clothes.

Traveling In Style with TravelPro

One thing to make hard luggage envy is the wide angled front pocket that I’ve found myself stuffing snacks, newspapers and magazines, and things that I could not typically fit in my backpack on the way home with. So if you plan on making a 3-4 day trip, and need good luggage, the Platinum Elite Spinner is a great purchase that’s worth making.

TravelPro was kind enough to also send me their Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Carry On Garment Bag ($229) which is the IDEAL way to carry your suits, shirts, and dresses. Featuring multiple interior pockets, and a zipper on the front for things such as cufflinks, or even your cell phone, this is the classier way of traveling with your suits instead of the standard garment bag that the suit company will give you. So much so that when I do have to travel to meetings locally, and I don’t have to wear my suit all day, this is the way that I travel with the suit. With an attached hanger, the Tri-Fold carry on makes sure that your business attire will not crease and wrinkle courtesy of the padded interior roll balls. Just like the Platinum Elite Spinner, the Garment Bag by Travelpro is TSA compliant; it is a very stylish way of getting around with your garments.

If you are interested in checking out either of these great TravelPro products, you can head over to today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Both items are TSA compliant; The garment bag protects from wrinkles with the roller; The Spinner suitcase has expandable storage

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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