Pandora Updates New App with Siri Shortcuts and More

Pandora Updates New App with Siri Shortcuts and More

Pandora is one of the few apps that I first installed on my iPhone years ago that remains one of my favorites now in 2018. And with the release of iOS 12 on Monday, the app has been updated with great features that make it even more useful.

If you’re a fan of customizing your apps to fit your mood, you’ll be happy that Pandora now allows users to not only pick one of seven new icons in settings, but the mobile streaming app now allows users to fully integrate Pandora into SIRI SHORTCUTS. If you’re not familiar with Siri Shortcuts, it’s a method that allows you to perform tasks through your apps using Siri voice commands. So now with Pandora, you can do things like say “Siri, Drake Radio”, and Pandora will now open up with a new playlist that works flawlessly every time. What’s more, listeners can now access their “Recently Played” items from Pandora by going to the settings within Pandora, clicking “Add to Siri” and selecting the station or playlist that you want easy access to. This feature works for both Premium and Non-Premium listeners.

This is a worthy update for the app that’s not only free on the app store, but the update is available today. Click here to download the Pandora app.

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