TripIt Now Works with Your New iPhone’s “Siri Shortcuts”

TripIt Now Works with Your New iPhone's "Siri Shortcuts"

Now that you’ve got your dual-sim iPhone XS or XS MAX in hand, frequent travelers may be setting up trips to come. And if you’re like me, one of the best traveling apps out there is TripIt. Today, officially, the app has released new features that go great with iOS 12 and your new iPhone.

Made official this week with the release of iOS 12, TripIt from Concur, one of the best travel apps in the App Store announced that you can use the app in tandem with the new Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12! With this functionality, you can now set up voice commands to access upcoming travel all from the sound of your voice.

This new feature can be accessed within the TripIt app in one of two settings: flight information, and travel plans. Within the settings, you can set a command such as “Open Flight Info”, or whatever custom action that you like to get accurate details no matter what app you’re in, as well as on your homescreen. Siri Shortcuts is there to make your life a little bit easier, and with TripIt having it, there are many use cases that make it beneficial. Say you are running a bit late for your flight, and have too many things in your hand such as luggage. If your hands are full and your phone is locked, from your lock-screen you can ask for Siri to check your flight info to see what gate number and estimated time of arrival without endless swiping pages on your homescreen.

Siri Shortcuts work not only on iPhone but also on iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and even CarPlay, making it easy to use voice commands to access important travel plans in your TripIt account—anytime, from anywhere.

TripIt Siri Shortcuts is available for both free and paid users of Trip it, however, a Pro subscription will cost you $49 a year to receive flight statuses. You can find out more information about the latest update by going to TripIt’s site today.

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