TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

TOBE, or not TOBE…prepared for all of your skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling adventures. That is no longer a question. Thanks to TOBE (pronounced Toe-Bee), backcountry athletes now have a full line of stylish, functional, and high-quality clothing to keep them protected from the elements. TOBE has created gear for activities including snowmobiling, snowbiking, skiing, and everyday wear.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

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I had the pleasure of reviewing TOBE’s Fingo jacket, which is part of the Fingo Collection. According to the TOBE website,

TOBE’s Fingo Collection is a Women’s Specific Range that can Keep Up With Any Hardcore Female Adventurer…The Fingo Jacket is a rugged, lightweight shell jacket that is built to perform. This women’s ski and snowmobile jacket as a women’s-specific fit and clever features like laser cut venting in the collar and the most comfortable wrist gaiters you’ve ever used. The Fingo Jacket is going to be your go-to jacket this winter.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

The Fingo Jacket is made with the material SympaTex, which is a completely waterproof, windproof, and breathable jacket. It is 100% windproof and has 45,000MM waterproofing. The 45,000MM waterproof rating means that this jacket is waterproof and rainproof under very high-pressure conditions. It can withstand heavy rain, wet snow, and high pressure. The Fingo is also made with Cordura fabric, which infuses lightweight strength. It helps make the jacket resistant to tears, scuffs, and abrasions.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

Interior of the jacket

While I always appreciate when a company makes a women-specific line of winter clothing, I’m usually skeptical about the fit. As most women know, our bodies are all very, very different and sometimes, a women-specific fit tends not fit at all. The jacket can be too tight in the chest, too short in the sleeves, too boxy in the shoulders, etc. I’m generally a medium in most clothing, but after reviewing TOBE’s sizing chart, I decided to go with a small.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

Functional phone pocket

When I received the TOBE Fingo jacket, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. The body fits very nicely. It wasn’t too boxy and it wasn’t too form-fitting. The length was perfect as it hit below my hips to help retain warmth and keep out moisture. The jacket is a shell so you’d need to wear a warm base layer underneath. I’m not sure I’d be able to comfortably fit a thick sweatshirt under this jacket, but a thin base layer would fit perfectly.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

Goggle pocket!

The only aspect of the jacket that surprised me was the length of the sleeves. I’d say my arms are slightly longer than average so to have sleeves that extended inches past my fingers seemed unusual. However, TOBE informed me that the long sleeves are actually a feature of the jacket. When lifting up your arms to ride a snow bike or operate a snowmobile, the sleeves will still be long enough to cover your entire arm. If you choose to wear this jacket while skiing, snowboarding or just to keep warm in the winter, you may not enjoy having extra-long sleeves since the material is somewhat stiff and makes for a slightly uncomfortable fit. There are Velcro straps to tighten the sleeves at the wrist, but the extra material still bunches up around your arm.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

Amazing laser cut breathing holes

Now to the fun part – all of the really cool features packed inside this one jacket! TOBE’s Fingo jacket has vent zips under the arms, laser-cut breathing holes, a removable hood, an adjustable waist, integrated laser-cut wrist gaiters, four exterior pockets, a goggle pocket, a functional cell phone pocket, a removable powder skirt, mesh and taffeta lining, and a metal kill switch D-ring. I absolutely love the laser cut breathing holes. As a skier, I’m always looking for the best gear to keep me warm without compromising comfort and performance. I struggle with finding something to keep my mouth warm while still being able to breathe comfortably, which makes this feature perfect! I can also see myself using it when I’m out shoveling snow in the wet, windy wintry weather conditions.

TOBE Fingo Jacket: Perfect for Winter Backcountry Sports

Integrated wrist gaiter with thumb hole

Overall, this is a high-quality jacket that won’t disappoint the hardcore backcountry athletes. If you’re looking for a winter jacket to wear around town and hit the slopes a few times a year, this may not be the jacket for you. Instead, you may wish to check out TOBE’s other jackets such as the Sera jacket, which is geared more towards beginners and intermediates.

You can purchase your TOBE Fingo Jacket from the manufacturer starting at $429.95.

Source: The TOBE Fingo Jacket was a manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The quality and fit of the jacket; The high-end features

What Needs Improvement: The long sleeves and I also wish it was insulated; these would make it a more all-around winter jacket

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