STM and Element Bring Style to Their New Device Accessories

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STM and Element Bring Style to Their New Device Accessories

STM brands consistently put out bags and accessories that look good, work hard, and protect your devices daily. Their sibling company, Element Cases, does the same for your phones. Both their offerings at CES expand on that, bringing new accessories to help your everyday tech work even more efficiently for you!

There are a number of new bags this year in the Myth collection for STM. They call it that because it is a “myth” that you need bulky bags to hold your gear, and they’re disproving that with their new offerings. There’s a messenger bag, a laptop sleeve, two backpacks (in 18L and 28L capacities), as well as a stash bag and an accessories wrap.

STM and Element Bring Style to Their New Device Accessories

Meanwhile, Element is expanding their unique offerings with the Katana. Like other Element cases, this has a metal frame with a cushioned interior and screw-locks to hold it all together. The back breaks from the industrial look with a hardwood material, combining natural with metal for a case that is both protective and artistic. Plus they’ve managed to wrap a phone in a metal frame and still allow for wireless charging, clearly the work of a wizard. At $379.95 it is not cheap, but it is worthwhile if you’re looking to elevate your phone to the next level of style!

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