V-MODA BassFit Wireless Headphones Deliver the Fit and Bass You’ve Always Wanted

I’ve long been a fan of V-MODA’s headphones. Whether it is their on-ear, over-the-ear, wired or wireless headphones, I’ve reviewed them all and have always been impressed. Their new V-MODA BassFit wireless headphones are a departure from previous offerings, but they’re all V-MODA! At just $130, the BassFit headphones are a great value offering superb sound and a great fit.

For serious listening, I prefer using either the Crossfade M-100 or the Crossfade 2 Wireless. They sound great and do a good job of physically blocking out ambient sound. For on-the-go I prefer the Forza Metallo Wireless. They are superb wireless earphones but are better suited for riding the train or pulling out when walking down a city street. The BassFit Wireless is targeted more toward the athletic crowd who want great sound, superior bass and a fit that will keep the music going no matter how much you are moving. V-MODA’s description of the BassFit makes clear who exactly their target market is.

Research shows that bass levels in music increase the adrenaline level and can make the body up to 7% more energy efficient. BassFit’s acoustics was developed to maximize impact with deep and precise bass, vivid mids and vivacious stress-free high clarity surrounded by a vast 3D soundstage for extraordinary sound quality to optimize even the most intense workouts.

The BassFit have 10mm dynamic drivers that let you, “feel deep bass and [deliver] unparalleled clarity to push yourself beyond the limits without bloated boom or muddy mids.”

For audio sources that support it, they employ Qualcomm aptX for CD quality wireless audio playback. Since iOS devices don’t support aptX, the BassFit also have AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) and, as a result, deliver excellent sound.

For those who love numbers, the BassFit measure up this way:

  • Impedance: 10ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Bluetooth Range: 33 feet
  • Battery Life: 11+ hours per charge with fast charge offering 2.5 hours of playback after just 15 minutes

The BassFit also offer dual-pairing, so you can be connected to two devices at once.

All of that is housed in earbuds that have a fairly large, boxy area connected to the earbuds themselves with the two earbuds connects via a thin cable that wraps around the neck. And while the cable is thin, it has a flat, tangle-free design that won’t leave you with a bird’s nest of cable nastiness the way some earphone cables do. To keep the neck cable from moving too much while you work out, the BassFit have an “adjustable cable length manager” that easily tightens the cable. When used properly, it allows the extra cable to sit at the back of your neck. The added weight further helps keep the earphones in place.

The large size of the earphone portion of the BassFit might give some people pause. After all, we are used to seeing earbuds getting smaller and smaller. These go the other direction. However, the larger size means the BassFit get excellent battery life, deliver stellar sound and are weighted properly, so you get a secure fit while working out.

Also, the back ends of the earphones are magnetized so they can easily be secured around your neck when not in use.

Part of the way down the cable from the right earbud there is an inline microphone and remote.

The three-button remote lets you take and end calls, activate your smart service of choice (Google Assistant or Siri) and control the music. Volume up and down, play/pause and track forward or repeat are all at your fingertips without having to take the BassFit off.

The earphones had a 2-layer nano-coating technology that makes them resistant to sweat, water, high and low temperatures humidity, and UV exposure.

Inside the box you get:

  • The BassFit
  • Eight pairs of BLISS 3.0 Fittings in XS, pre-installed S, M and L sizes
  • Three pairs of ActiveFlex™ Sport Fins in S, M and L sizes
  • One pair of Ear Hooks
  • 1 Cable Length Manager attached
  • Carrying Pouch
  • V-Micro USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B)

The sound of the BassFit is everything I have come to expect from V-MODA. The audio is full and rich with plenty of bass. Unlike some bass-heavy earphones, however, the V-MODA BassFit don’t suffer in the midsized and highs which are clear and crisp. I’m listening to them as I write this review and I could easily forget I was wearing in-ear wireless headphones that cost just $130. They are that good. I’m listening to Pick Up the Pieces by the Average White Band, and the horns come blazing through while the heavy bass ties it all together. Switching to the bass-driven, She’s a Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton, and I’m struck by the fact that the BassFit does this classic justice in ways many other headphones fall short. The same goes for In the Right Place by Dr. John, You Dropped a Bomb on Me by The Gap Band and Low Rider by War. (Yeah, I’m in a classic funk stage right now!) Finally, I’m listening to Little L by Jamiroquai and reminded why it is such a fantastic song if you need to get energized. It sounds great through the BassFit.

All that is well and good and make these $130 wireless earphones a winner. What sets the BassFit apart, however, is the range of ways they can be worn. V-MODA walls it TriFit. I call it awesome. As V-MODA explains:

BassFit revolutionizes how sport headphones are worn via TriFit: three different fitting options to ensure the best possible comfort and support for ears of all shapes and sizes during your everyday adventures.

The three options are:

  • 1: EAR HOOKS- ActiveFlex ear hooks are made in memory metal, bent around the outside of the ear and tucked behind, so the earbuds stay securely in the ear while running or during strenuous exercise; the flexible material can be adjusted to fit ears of all sizes

  • 2: SPORT FINS- Sport ear fins are ergonomically adapted to the natural shape of your ear, to allow a snug fit and to stabilize the earbud; the soft material mimics the natural skin of the ear and S, M and L sizes are included to ensure the best fit

  • 3: COMBO- Wear both the ActiveFlex ear hooks and the sport ear fins attachments simultaneously for maximum support and stability so nothing can hold you back while working out

Each of these options works in partnership with the included BLISS 3.0 FITTINGS. These “Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone” come in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) and help guarantee you get the most comfort and noise-isolation possible.

The result of all of this is a pair of sports headphones that not only sound good but stay put no matter what you are doing. Of course, if you want to get the best fit and sound, you will want to spend some time trying all of the BLISS 3.0 fittings and TriFit stabilizers. Once you find the right combination, you’ll enjoy music no matter where you go wearing earphones that will stay in place. You will be impressed. I sure am.


  • ALL-WEATHER DURABILITY: Resistant to sweat, weather, high and low temperatures, humidity and UV exposure tests
  • SWEAT AND WEATHER 2-LAYER NANOCOATING TECHNOLOGY: Although water is the archenemy of electronics, sweat is the supreme killer with its unique acidity – many of the best water-proof headphones flaw is breaking with sweat – not BassFit
  • ULTRA RUGGED TANGLE FREE CABLE: A smooth and durable cable that will never end up in a tangled mess
  • FEATHERWEIGHT DESIGN: Minimal masterpiece at a mere 17 grams, feel weightless freedom without inhibition in your training routine
  • LONG PLAY BATTERY: Up to 11+ hours of music playback and FastCharge (15mins = 2.5hrs playback) via elegant V-Micro USB cable
  • GO THE DISTANCE: Optimized connectivity to pair your BassFit and enjoy your earphones up to 33 feet (10 meters) away from your device
  • BLUETOOTH MULTIPOINT PAIRING: Multitasking users can pair the headphones with two sources at a time, such as a smartphone and laptop for work or a smartphone and smartwatch for working out
  • MAGNETIC CLOSURE: Secure the earbuds around the neck for easy access when not in use
  • ADJUSTABLE CABLE LENGTH MANAGER: Tailor the length of the cable to sit comfortably around the back of the neck
  • WORLD-CLASS MIC: Crystal-clear calls thanks to specially tuned included SpeakEasy microphone
  • 3-BUTTON CONTROL + VOICE ASSISTANT SUMMON: Control volume and playback of your music or media, voice calls, command Siri/”Ok Google” on Apple, Android or any smart device

The V-MODA BassFit wireless earphones aren’t expensive and prove you don’t need to spend a lot to get great-sounding, good-fitting sports earphones. They deliver the sound V-MODA is best known for backed into a design that is ideal for the active user who values the quality of his or her music as much as their workout. As V-MODA founder and CEO puts it they are:

The ultimate sport headphone, essential for any workout or physical activity no matter how rigorous

At $130, they are surprisingly inexpensive for the quality of sound they produce. Sure, it will take some time to find the right combination of BLISS 3.0 Fittings and stabilizers but, trust me, it is worth the time. You can check the V-MODA BassFit and all of V-MODA’s excellent products on the company site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the V-MODA BassFit wireless headphones

What I Like: Great V-MODA sound; Well-built and durable; Assortment of options for securing the earphones in place; Good battery life

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. The BassFit are impressive

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