Samsung’s New QLED Televisions Look More Real Than Real Life

We had the chance to check out Samsung’s new QLED televisions at CES, and they were stunning. Samsung sells literal work of art TVs called “The Frame”, but even their QLED televisions are jaw-dropping in both looks and price!

Samsung's New QLED Televisions Look More Real Than Real Life

If you’re going for the absolute best television possible, there’s the QLED Q900 8K line. It starts at $4,999 for 65″ and tops out at $14,999 for an 85″ 8k QLED Ultra HD television. For $15,000, you could also buy a used Corolla, but it wouldn’t have the same wow factor in your living room.

Samsung's New QLED Televisions Look More Real Than Real Life

Now, if your budget is a little more down to earth, the Q60 to Q90 series all range from $1,799 to $3,499, a little less heart-stopping and budget busting. You get 4k QLED instead, but it’s still going to impress your friends when they come over to watch the Jets lose yet again.

Samsung's New QLED Televisions Look More Real Than Real Life

Finally, if you’re the type that needs your television to really work with your interior decoration, there’s The Frame. This is a smart TV that also lets you display artwork when it’s not in use as a television. It even offers a subscription for artwork you can display, which is either an amazing bit of technology or a sign of the apocalypse, depending on how you feel about subscription services. In any case, a Frame will start at $1,199 for a 45″ up to $2,499 for a 65″, plus a subscription for artwork, minus your dignity at paying for a subscription for artwork.

If you’re tired of looking at your regular old HDTV, check out everything new Samsung has to offer!

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