Create a One-of-a-Kind Bluetooth Speaker with the New Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio

Spring and summer are on the way. That means many activities will soon be moving outside. If you are in the market for a superb indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker you need look no further than the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3; now you can make it your own with the myBOOM Studio.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Bluetooth Speaker with the New Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio

I reviewed the UE BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker some months ago and was blown away. I’ve been impressed with each new version of UE’s speaker line but the BOOM 3 was the best yet. It delivers amazing, loud sound, gets great battery life and it is waterproof. I love it! (Read my review.)

With the current state of the technology, the BOOM 3 is close to perfection. And while I have no doubt Ultimate Ears will eventually come out with the next generation of the line, at the moment I’m not sure how they could improve upon it. They, however, found a way. Despite the BOOM 3 being available in a variety of colors, Ultimate Ears realized that people might want something more unique and personalized. That’s where the new myBOOM Studio comes in. With the myBOOM Studio, you can build a custom designed BOOM 3 speaker. Speakers created with the myBOOM Studio have the same internals as the BOOM 3. That means they will have the same great sound and features. But the myBOOM Studio lets customers pick all of the colors used in creating the speaker. Moreover, the myBOOM Studio lets you add custom text to it so you can truly have a custom speaker.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Bluetooth Speaker with the New Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio

Ultimate Ears has this to say:

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 portable Bluetooth speaker just got more personal, thanks to myBOOM studio. This new design experience allows you to create your very own custom BOOM 3 in just minutes. Showcase your unique style by selecting from thousands of possibilities of trendy fabrics, colors and patterns for different parts of the speaker such as the caps, hang loop, and volume buttons. You can even add your name or other fun text on the speaker to make it truly your own or include a note to make it the perfect gift — you design it, we build it.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Bluetooth Speaker with the New Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears has this to say:

Our speakers have always reflected the unique styles of our listeners, but up until today, our fans were limited with the color and design options we made available to them. With myBOOM 3, we’ve created this enjoyable and unique design studio where music enthusiasts can show their creativity and give their favorite Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 speaker a truly personalized look and feel.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Bluetooth Speaker with the New Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio

I’m ordering a custom BOOM 3 speaker using the myBOOM Studio so I’ll go into more depth in my review. For now, it is important to emphasize that, while the myBOOM Studio lets you customize your BOOM 3 speaker, the product that will be delivered offers all the features that make the BOOM 3 awesome. It will have 360-degree sound and deep bass, a small portable size with great battery life, the new Magic Button, compatibility with the POWER UP charging dock and an IP67 rating so it is water and dustproof. In addition, PartyUp, which lets Up to 150 BOOM or MEGABOOM speakers of any generation work together, also works with speakers created using the myBOOM Studio.

MyBOOM 3 speakers created with the myBOOM Studio retail for $179.99. We have a review sample coming but, in the meantime, you can learn more here.


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