Hopsy Sub Compact Will Let You Enjoy a Cold Craft Beer from the Tap at Home on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with drinking and partying to the wee hours of the night, which usually meant having to navigate through a drunken zombie landscape. However, Hopsy has a better solution. They’ve created the SUB Compact, a device that lets you enjoy craft beers on draft right from your home just in time for the festivities.

Hopsy Sub Compact Will Let You Enjoy a Cold Craft Beer from the Tap at Home on St. Patrick's Day

The SUB Compact is designed by KRUPS and is a small “plug-and-pour” device that allows you to enjoy a chilled craft beer from the tap wherever you decide to put this thing. I assume most will use this at home, but I would imagine this would really liven up the break room in any office.

The SUB Compact works with Hopsy’s two-liter mini-kegs, each which contain about six servings of your craft beer of choice. Nobody wants a warm beer, and mercifully the beer is chilled to 35.6-degrees Fahrenheit which can objectively be described as cold. Fortunately, the SUB Compact is designed to be very easy to use; all that is needed is to insert the keg into the machine and pour away. There’s no CO2 cartridge or maintenance needed, and it comes with its own refrigeration system. This makes using the device as the night (or day, no judgment here) wears on simple enough that it will not mess with your state of inebriation.

Hopsy Sub Compact Will Let You Enjoy a Cold Craft Beer from the Tap at Home on St. Patrick's DayHopsy sells various packages all which include the SUB Compact and a few of their kegs to get you started on your wonderful beer-fueled journey. The SUB Compact itself is on sale for a limited time at $149 (50% off), and you can save more if you sign up for the Hopsy Beer Club which will deliver the custom kegs to your door as necessary, because let’s face it, we all love to be lazy. In honor of St. Patrick’s day, they are offering several offers that can save you well over $120 depending on which one you go with.

In the end, you can enjoy a cold craft beer from the tap while in your pajamas, and isn’t that all that matters? Cheers.

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