Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

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Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost Listen to this article

The sole purpose of air purifiers is to remove all of the impurities in the air that you breathe. With allergies running rampant everywhere we turn, things like dust, pollen and pet dander can be an airborne allergen that ruins your summer with colds and asthma triggers. The Elechomes Air Purifier is a great addition to your home if you and your family desire cleaner air.

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

Available in two sizes, I received the larger sized, 350 sq. Foot extra-wide Elechomes UC3101 White Edition Air Purifier, complete with a true HEPA filter. It’s promise of high powered cleaning capabilities — living in an apartment with hardwood floors, a small dog, on top of having allergies, have been a test that it’s met, and conquered over the course of the past 60 days, but before I describe how well it’s helped me, let’s get straight into the details.

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

Inside of the box, you’ll receive the Air Purifier, its power cable for plugging into your wall, a pre-filter, and the three-stage HEPA/Carbon filter that goes behind the pre-filter.

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

According to Elechomes, the Air Purifier is built of four high-quality filters that will eliminate 99.97% of airborne pollutants including but not limited to Pollen, dust, pet dander, tobacco smoke, household odors, PM2.5 and VOCs. As someone who’s naturally allergic to almost everything, you can check each of those boxes of things I’d honestly want to rid myself of. Elechomes also states that the 350 Sq. Ft. Model is ideal for larger spaces like living rooms or office spaces, so in my case, I’ll use the Living Room since it’s where the most activity happens (and where the dog tends to lay out majority of the day).

There are dual sensors on each side of the Air Purifier so whenever you place it in your home, make sure there’s nothing sitting to either side of it (too close) that will cause it to give inaccurate readers or stop it from adjusting itself for purification levels. It’s rectangular, all-white frame sat perfectly in a corner of my room and was complimented by many of my friends to look more like a standing fan than an air purifier (which honestly made me wish that the product had that functionality as well). To some users, it may look a bit boxy, but for me, this is perfect for any decor or color scheme in your home.

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

One thing that did disappoint a bit is the fact that the Air Purifier does not come complete with an app, so there would be no manually controlling when you are not nearby the device. Instead of going with that option, Elechomes has instead gone the way of onboard controls via touch-screen controls at the top of the device. Here are the control options and functions which are illuminated and make a sound once you press them:

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

When you are not using the onboard controls there is a nifty remote control that you can use when you’re sitting across the room to control the air purifier from up to 16 feet away, perfect for turning off when you head upstairs for bed, or if you’re sitting on the couch watching television. The controls are rather simple, with the speed, timer and child-lock functionalities available for you.

Elechome’s Air Purifier: Cleaner Air In Your Home at an Affordable Cost

Again what bothered me a bit is the lack of a suitable app. Many other trackers including sleep monitors allow you to track the quality of sleep, so why as the Elechomes Air Purifier did not go for this still puzzles me. Instead, they’ve opted for colorful LED lights to the front of the device that go from green, yellow or red, signifying clean, moderate or poor quality air. While this is nice in certain aspects, and a telling sign of your air quality when you’re sitting across the room… It’s somewhat defeating the purpose if you have it sitting in your basement, and would like to see the quality of air there when you’re in your bedroom. Just a small case issue of course, but for many, this would not matter.

As with all other air purifiers, Elechomes states that you should frequently check the filters of your air purifiers for performance. In the case for this product, it’s as simple as wiping the entire machine down with a dry cloth and rinsing the pre-filter once every few months, allowing it to dry for a full day before inserting back into the machine. The HEPA filter, on the other hand, you should attempt to change every year. Since I am still in the newer stages of using the Air Purifier by Elechomes I can say it does work to my liking, and has helped out in many cases, including riding my home of smells such as cooking foods in my kitchen, and the annoying pet hairs that Sparky may or may not leave behind that my vacuum cannot pick up.

At $199.99, you’ll be hard pressed to find another Air Purifier that does just as much for a larger square footage than the Elechomes does. While their warranty is a bit limited at only a year as well, I would highly doubt anything would happen to the product as long as you abide to cleaning and changing the filters regularly. Nonetheless, this is the way I personally am going about cleaner air in my space, and if you’re considering it for yourself, you should head over to Amazon to purchase one today [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Sits in a corner with ease and relatively quiet sounding on regular mode

What Needs Improvement: Lack of proper iOS/Android app means you’ll have to rely on physically reading the air purifier

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