Your Apple Watch Series 4 Called, and It Wants an Invisible Shield Glass+ 360

I stopped wearing my first generation Apple Watch a few months after getting it. My 4th generation Apple Watch with cellular connectivity is a different story. I wear it every day, and it’s beginning to show. When I noticed a few small scratches on the screen, I knew it was time for  Invisible Shield’s glass+ 360 for Apple Watch Series 4.

At $49.99 for either the 40mm or 44mm version, the Invisible Shield glass+ 360 is a bit pricey. However, after seeing scratches begin appearing on my watch screen, that didn’t seem unreasonable. If you want to protect your watch and want to save a few dollars though you can check out Invisible Shield’s glass curve elite for $39.99. Here’s a feature comparison:

I’m happy they sent the slightly pricier offerings though since the included bumper will come in handy as I’m out and about more during the summer months.

Inside the box, you get the Glass Curve Elite protector, a bumper, an EZ Apply Tray, instructions, a cleaning wipe, a microfiber cloth, and a dust removal sticker.

Invisible Shield describes the glass+ 360 stating:

Glass+ 360 shows off your sleek Apple Watch while protecting it from every angle. A tempered glass screen protector and clear, sturdy bumper guard the front and sides. Now you don’t have to sacrifice form or function to be fully protected.

Some of the product’s key features include a curved screen that fits the contours of the watch’s screen, the impact and scratch protection offered by the 100% pure tempered glass, the edge-to-edge protection they are able to achieve thanks to the curved design and the shock absorbing layer they have added for an added bit of security. In addition, because the tempered glass is smooth and clear, the Glass+ 360 won’t affect the screen’s clarity or the touch interactions that are so key to using an Apple Watch.

When I first opened the small package I was surprised to see how many different items were inside. I laid them out, read the instructions and then began the process of installing the protector.

The first step was to clean the screen. This was done using the included alcohol wipe and the microfiber cleaning cloth.

I then set the guide on the watch and grabbed the screen protector itself.

Removing the backing on the adhesive side, I placed the screen protector over the watch and lined it up with the guides.

I placed the screen protector on the watch and, thanks to the guides, it was perfectly aligned. I removed the other side protecting the screen protector and pressed down to remove any stray bubbles. A few bubbles remained but, thankfully, these always disappear within a day or two. I then removed the guide and discarded it. That side of things feels a bit wasteful but, at the same time, thanks to this new system I’m actually able to apply screen protectors instead of waiting to see Judie so she can do it for me.

The result was a near-invisible layer of protection on my watch’s screen.

The next step was to take the silver bumper and snap it over the watch.

While it changed the look of my watch, I didn’t mind the silver color. More than that, though, I like the fact that while I’m outside working, gardening, swimming or doing whatever people do during the summer, my pricey Apple Watch has a bit of protection. This way, when I’m going somewhere nice, I can simply pull off the bumper and have my original watch in pristine condition. It’s a great system and I’m finding myself far less skeptical than I was initially when it comes to the bumper.

Invisible Shield runs down the features of the glass+ 360 this way:

  • Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty: If your InvisibleShield ever gets worn or damaged, we’ll replace it for as long as you own your device — no questions asked. With InvisibleShield and our trusted warranty by your device’s side, screen damage doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Engineered to Disappear: InvisibleShield is designed to work flawlessly with the enhanced optics of your device’s screen. Its 100% clarity rating means screen protection that’s so clear, you won’t even know it’s there
  • Smooth and Seamless: InvisibleShield gives you the same remarkable responsiveness of an unprotected screen thanks to its meticulously designed composition, blending in with the rest of your screen and protecting every pixel without ever getting in the way.
  • Protection That’s Everyday Strong: Durable materials originally designed to protect military helicopter blades deliver unparalleled impact, scratch, and smudge protection that’s tough enough for whatever the day brings.
  • Smudge Resistant and Easy to Clean: Staying in touch means touching our screens — a lot. So we designed a long-lasting, oil-resistant design to keep your screen resilient against smudges and fingerprints. Effortless and easy to clean, InvisibleShield helps keep your screen pristine.
  • Easy Application: Applying screen protection shouldn’t take an advanced degree, so we’ve made the process worry-free. With our patented EZ Apply tabs, the application is smooth, seamless, and accurate – every time.

Sure, we’ve all been told that screen technology has advanced to the point where the glass is sponge than ever. I’m sure that’s so but, as I discovered, that doesn’t mean current screen are impervious to damage. some additional protection is necessary and the Invisible Shield glass+ 360 is a pice but excellent way to protect your Apple Watch Series 4. I’m quite pleased with this product. It is easy to install, gets the job done, and it lets you decide if you want to protect the body or not thanks to the easily removable bumper. If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 get yourself an Invisible Shield glass+ 360; you won’t be sorry. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Invisible Shield glass+ 360

What I Like: Easy to install; Clear enough to not affect the screen’s clarity; No loss of touch sensitivity; Bumper lets you add even more protection

What Needs Improvement: The price may result in some initial sticker shock


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