The Activ5 Makes Sure You Can Get a Workout in No Matter Where You Are

Have you been looking for a way of getting fit this summer? The Activ5 is a new Pocket-sized smart device that will make sure you get a full body exercise virtually anywhere that you go.

The Activ5 Makes Sure You Can Get a Workout in No Matter Where You Are

Activbody’s Activ5 is a portable isometric fitness device that you can use anywhere: your desk, an airport, or even at the gym that’s premise is to measure the pressure that you’re using while doing isometric exercises. What makes this Apple Store-exclusive product more intriguing is the fact that you can’t easily look at your phone for the workout and the Activ5 will collect all of the data and transfer it to the health app on your iPhone (and Apple Watch).

With the companion training app, you can track your activity from over a hundred five minute training workouts that with the integration of HealthKit, will allow you to track your heart rate, and calculate the energy burned. The low-impact workouts for the body and joints allow the user to measure the force exerted, all without moving courtesy of the static contractions. While compared to lifting weights, this is not a full workout regimen so be mindful of that. 

“We are experiencing phenomenal interest and growth globally due to the effectiveness of Activ5, and our ongoing commitment to meaningful, customer-centric enhancements including our recent Apple Watch app announcement,” said Dan Stevenson, CEO of Activbody.

Considered a tiny gym for your pocket, the Activ5 is available today exclusive to Apple Stores; you can find out more information by heading here.

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