Amazon Wants to Help Send You Back to School

Everyone loves using Amazon for easy online shopping. Amazon’s no fool, and they’re looking to cultivate the next generation of shoppers with their special “Off to College” section of their site!

Amazon Wants to Help Send You Back to School

The idea here is to capture the shoppers who normally load up at Target or Walmart ahead of the August drive to the dorms. Instead of moving all your bedding, books, desk supplies, coffee, etc., why not order and ship it all through Amazon? They’ve put it together nicely in one place for you, with no need to wander from bedding to electronics and find the one guy with the key to unlock the laptops.

Amazon also offers collegiate wear, though it appears to be limited to schools that actually have sports teams. So my brother’s alma mater Syracuse is there, but since my school (Brandeis) was limited to intramural, we don’t get our own section on Amazon. But we still have the bragging rights of having an owl wielding a gavel as a mascot…never mind, Syracuse is still cooler.

In any case, Amazon has an enormous curated list of items and deals, so it’s worth cross-shopping your back to school checklist against Amazon’s website. Pair it with an Amazon credit card (or ask for Amazon gift cards for graduation!) and you can outfit a dorm room in style!

Check out the Amazon “Off to College” microsite here [affilate link].

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