Walabot is Offering Prime Day Shoppers up to 20% Off on Prime Day

Walabot is one of the first-ever smart stud finders to hit the market and has been a hit on Amazon since its release. So for this year’s Prime Day, the company is offering up 20% off it’s most popular products.

Created by Vayyar Imaging, Walabot is a handheld device that’s sole purpose is to find the studs, pipes, and wires in your wall. From today through July 16, Walabot is giving buyers 20% off of their Walabot DIY (was $74.95, now only $60) and their Walabot DIY Plus (was $89.95, but now $72).

Using the tool, this is a perfect way to figure out if you can mouthfeels that television, or install all of the home gadgets that you’ll purchase on Prime Day thanks to its radio frequency technology. Paired with an Android device (sorry Apple users), the Walabot attaches to your phone courtesy of a reusable gel pad to detect what is being particular sections of your wall, up to four inches deep.

The Walabot is one of those special “you didn’t know you needed it until it’s too late” type of gadgets, that regardless of the size of the project, will be more helpful than doing guesswork.

Be your own handyman by purchasing one of the Walabot’s on Prime Day this year.

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