Carbon Trainer Is a Magic Mirror on the Wall That Makes You the Fittest One of All

Most of us are learning to navigate at-home workouts these days. You can go super minimal with a bodyweight workout, or trick your garage out better than the neighborhood gym. But working out at home also involves finding the drive to push, and the skill to get your form dialed in properly. The Carbon Trainer Smart Mirror aims to solve that gap!

The Carbon Trainer Smart Mirror uses AI and 3D sensors to monitor your form and reps so it can coach you more effectively. It’s a 43″ 4K LCD that also acts as a reflective surface, so it’s the smartest mirror you’re going to hang anywhere! You can attach sensors to your existing weights, though Carbon says they’ll also be offering weights with the sensors built-in as an option in the future. The AI coach will learn how you move, and it will adjust and guide you based on your workouts. There are on-demand and scheduled classes as well, plus the ability to compete with friends. It’s the ultimate socially distant gym buddy workout!

This is similar to Tonal, but there are a few key differences. One, the price. Carbon is starting at $1,750 for a limited time, but will normally retail for $2,295 with a $39 monthly subscription, which is $800 less for the equipment than Tonal and $10 cheaper per month. Two, instead of built-in equipment, Carbon utilizes your existing weights and other gear. It’s also lighter, and you can use Carbon on a stand, instead of drilling holes in your walls.

If you’re looking to up your workout game, and you don’t see yourself hitting a public gym anytime soon, you can pre-order the Carbon Trainer Smart Mirror now for December 2020 shipping.

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