Cuisinart’s Cast Iron Press Reduces Splatter & Adds Grilled Marks to Your Meats

Have you always envied steakhouses for making sure their NY Strips and Burgers having awesome grill marks and want to imitate them? Well, now you can with Cuisinart’s Cast Iron Grill Press.

Labeled as a handy tool that makes grilling easier, faster and healthier, the Cast Iron Grill Press from Cuisinart for me is a GREAT way to eliminate splatter for foods such as burgers, steaks and even uneven meats like chicken and bacon. The cast-iron is durable and made to last a lifetime (and possibly more if you tend to your cast iron products). Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the Grill Press is ideal for paninis as well.

I know I’ve personally tried a lot of “Burger Press” products, but most are made of plastic, or some form of metal that is either hot to the touch, or are flat on the business end, which honestly picks up fat/spices that you add to your meats, but doesn’t do the thing I’d use the grill press for — the grill marks.

There’s really not much that the Cuisinart Cast Iron Press is meant to do aside from reducing splatter, adding grill marks, and look impeccable. I do like the fact there’s a wooden handle to offset the heat that might come from the cast iron though. When cooking burgers, the weight of the cast iron does flatten the burgers a bit, but that’s to be expected. I wish it were a bit larger to cover two burgers or the entirety of say, a New York strip for proper grill marks. That small gripe though is just me being a bit picky, however.

Overall the Cast Iron Grill Press by Cuisinart is a great product that when paired with items like the brands 3-in-1 Burger Press, allow you to get fully cooked food that gives that restaurant-style presentation.

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Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Wooden handle reduces the heat when living the press

What Needs Improvement: I wish the size was a bit larger to cover more area for more burgers/steak

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