Traeger Pro Series 575 Pellet Grill Will Make Your Summer Epic

As a self-proclaimed BBQ pitmaster, I spend most days of summer perfecting my craft. I am always looking for new ways to add smoke to meats and Traeger agreed to send me the $799.99 Pro Series 575 pellet grill to try out. I tested the grill with a whole chicken and an eleven-pound brisket. Let’s take a look!

The Traeger Pro Series 575 pellet grill combines a high-quality smoker with state of the art technology to create an amazing product. WiFi with WiFIRE technology will connect your grill to the internet allowing temps to be monitored and changed from a device anywhere in the world. The new D2 Direct Drive includes a direct drive variable speed fan and auger to compliment the Pro D2 Controller to provide consistency and precision which are integral in making great food. 575 sq. in. of cooking space should provide plenty of area to cook for the family or small party.

The grill comes packed in a box that utilizes space amazingly. The first cardboard piece you remove will double as a holder while installing the legs and also includes cup holders for your favorite beverage while assembling. The instructions are easy to follow and even provide timing using beers drank. While I did not drink any since it was super early on a Sunday morning, I would say the timing is about correct. It is also recommended two people work to put the grill together.

I was home alone and got it done, but would recommend having a helper to make it go faster and be easier to lift the grill. I took my time and carefully followed each step and double-checked my work and it only took a bit over an hour. The box top can also be reversed and turned into a playhouse if you have little ones at home. Every part of this grill has been well thought out and engineered to provide a premium product and total experience.

My Pro Series 575 also included the optional front folding shelf ($59.99) and full-length cover ($59.99). I highly recommend both additions to the grill. Installing the shelf literally took two minutes and only involved removing two screws on each side to add the brackets then the shelf bolts on and works. It comes in super handy while cooking.

Before cooking on your grill, you will need to download the app and follow the instructions to connect to the WiFi. It literally took seconds to create an account and connect to my network, and then my grill become visible on the app. It is silly easy, and the app includes many tips, recipes, and allows you to purchase accessories. For beginners, the app can really get you started and speed up your learning curve of using the grill and learning smoke. The ability to follow the temps on the grill and one temp probe for the food is a game-changer. I followed a complete brisket cook without opening the grill except to wrap and remove. There is a saying in BBQ, “if you are looking, you aren’t cooking”, and the WiFIRE technology allows food to be attended without opening the lid.


Once instructions are followed for initial burn-in, the Pro Series 575 is ready to make amazing food. I fired up the grill with a whole chicken using my secret homemade rub and Traeger Hickory pellets. I chose to stand the bird up for better cooking since I noticed the shape of the grill is an oval making it taller. This is a great design feature since most grills are too short to stand a chicken up. I was also able to cook the chicken with the upper rack installed. There is plenty of room on this grill. I followed the complete cook and adjusted pit temps using my phone. While purists may think that is ridiculous, the experience is fantastic and freed me up to do anything else I wanted without worry of messing up the food.


Using the grill is a breeze. The nob is intuitive and allows temp changes and working through menu choices. Pressing the nob acts as the “enter” key. From the app all of the settings are available and timers and probe alarms can also be set. My habit has become to start up the pit and check back on the app when it reaches temp (which is pretty quickly I might add) then put the meat on and control from my phone. It is just so much easier and frees me up to do other errands or even cook from work.

One thing I noticed while smoking the brisket is that there really did not seem to be any smoke billowing out of the smokestack. It concerned me, but I remembered the importance of smoking quality meat. The thin blue smoke that is almost invisible is best to provide flavor. It is an indication of a clean, well-ventilated fire. I have used another brand pellet grill and it smokes pretty heavily. I decided to let it ride and see if the Traeger was able to just burn cleaner and more consistent. When my wife got home and came inside she said the brisket smelled amazing out there. Once the meat was pulled and rested a few hours I began slicing. Fingers crossed to see a nice smoke ring knowing the flavor would be there. Well, take a look for yourself and let me know if the Traeger did its job with a nice, clean fire.

Both my sons and my wife took one bite and told me it is my best brisket to date. This summer alone, I have smoked over 10 and have a few more to go. I am super critical of my BBQ and never happy with it; I try to improve with each cook. One thing I have to say the Traeger did for me was give an accurate, consistent heat as well as a clean, perfect amount of smoke. The rest is all secrets, but you can also achieve quality cooks using the technologies the Pro Series 575 include.

The bottom line is that the Pro Series 575 pellet grill from Traeger is a fantastic product. Premium products always include great build quality, features, and design. Traeger has provided a complete premium experience of ownership. It starts with the packaging design and carries through to assembly and for sure to cooks. This grill is a polished and well thought out product that I will enjoy using for hopefully years to come. Beginners will love the ease of use and small learning curve. The app can also be a great resource in finding new recipes and methods of making fantastic foods. Seasoned pit masters will love the consistency and accuracy of the grill. Cooking great food, especially BBQ is not really that difficult. It comes down to three things, meat choice, seasoning, and consistent heat with the right amount of smoke. The latter is taken care of here in a premium way. The others you will have to learn on your own. When your family asks you on a Thursday morning what you plan on smoking this weekend on the Traeger, you know the product is doing things right. Check out the entire line up and dive into pellet grills at the Traeger website and find the one that is right for you. There are also plenty of accessories, seasonings, and sauces. I can promise you will not be disappointed in the quality and design of any products they offer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I like: Premium designed grill with WiFi technology built-in. Consistent and accurate cooks every time

What could be improved: I know the shelf is an added accessory, but I would like some hooks or somewhere to hold my BBQ utensils




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