The Pocket Shot Evolves the Slingshot

Growing up a country boy, I had my fair share of time with a slingshot. From target shooting to things I probably should not shoot, my skill was actually pretty good. A new evolution of those slingshots is now on the market; the Pocket Shot allows users to fire projectiles at up to three times the speed of a slingshot. 

The Pocket Shot is a really interesting take on the sling shot. It is a circular design that uses a flexible pouch to launch the ammo. One of the huge benefits of this design is its small size. It only measures 2.3 by 1.3 inches while not in use. This is perfect to carry in a hunting pack, backpack or just in a pocket. If I need to get the cows to move on while bow hunting, I can easily carry the Pocket Shot with me and send them running.


I received the Pocket Shot black to review along with three arrow pouches, but could not try the arrows out since I did not receive the whisker biscuit attachment. I also was able to try out the 100 pack of 5/16″ steel balls.


Shooting the Pocket Shot is actually quite easy, but there are some tips to ensure a successful shot. First, drop the projectile in the pouch. I am using a 5/16″ steel ball.


Once the Pocket Shot is loaded, grab the pouch. Make sure you do not grab the actual ball, but just in front of it. Grabbing the ball can damage the pouch prematurely.


Pull the pouch back holding the ring palm up in our other hand. As you will see in the video below, holding the ring in this manner will help with aim as well as keep your shot more stable. Once you are on target, let it fire. Make sure to pull the pouch straight back to ensure the shot does not hit the rim of the ring. I have to admit, the speed of the shot surprised me the first time used it. This thing is not a toy and should only be used by adults or with adult supervision.

The Pocket Shot is a unique take on the slingshot and I really like it. While getting perfect aim will take some practice, it is easy to shoot and super portable. I was blown away how fast the steel balls were firing, and I think I can use it at a distance to run off cattle while I hunt without hurting them. The company offers an arrow pouch and other accessories that make it an interesting weapon. For just $25, you can get started shooting a Pocket Shot. At that price, you cannot go wrong. The device is patented, created, and built in the USA.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Small and easy to carry; Shoots up to 350 fps

What can be improved: The unique shooting style might create a learning curve for some shooters



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