Clickher Wants to Bring a Human Touch to Fashion Articles

My mother never tried to force me to read fashion magazines, except for the seasonal guides. I remember them being 3x the size of normal magazines and full of an overwhelming amount of ads and tips. The internet hasn’t really made fashion less confusing, but Clickher thinks they’ve cracked the code with their new app.

Clickher Wants to Bring a Human Touch to Fashion Articles

The idea behind Clickher is like someone took those seasonal fashion guides and distilled them down into something bite-sized. Rather than a huge bible of advice, Clickher pushes out one listicle-type feature every few days. Like those old fashion mags, every article might not be to your liking. But they give you a few ideas on the day’s theme, along with links to buy anything that catches your eye.

Sure, you could find the same thing if you hunted around yourself, or let Instagram’s ads stalk you around the internet. But Clickher has something those never-ending Google ads on social media don’t: the human touch. The company says their whole goal is to make it feel less like you’re browsing ads and more like your friend sent you a couple of cute ideas; the articles chosen are designed to be quick reads. And just like the magazines of yore, there are a ton of ads in between, but thankfully no perfume samples shoved in (though I guess if you miss those you could browse Clickher while being accosted by the perfume folks at your local department store).

Clickher Wants to Bring a Human Touch to Fashion Articles

There are a few realities of shopping, especially online. One is that you’re going to encounter ads, and there’s no way around the fact that your data and shopping trends are a product to companies. The other is that online shopping is incredibly handy, and it’s easier to click and buy than it is to go to the mall, get blinded by the perfume sprayers, find yourself wandering Macy’s housewares, wonder who shops in PacSun, get lost twice finding the store you wanted, and then panicking because you can’t find your car.

Clickher is an intriguing way to give a more personal touch to online shopping, though I do have a few thoughts. It’s hard to tell from the early launch of the app, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to access any archives. An archive or some sort of keyword sorting might be helpful, especially if you only have time to check the app once a week and there are three featured articles in that time. It would also be helpful if you ever wanted to revisit content in another season, like looking for summer fashion in winter because you’re going somewhere tropical. It would also be nice if there was a way to give feedback on the articles given — if the goal of Clickher is to feel like your friends are sending you articles, then it needs to be more refined than just “women 18-39″…that’s a big range with a lot of different needs, and any arguments about human curation get a little lost if all those ages get lumped together, since even an algorithm knows the needs of a 21-year-old looking for their first job might not be the needs of a 35-year-old looking to change up their look. Finally, and this is extremely petty, I hate the name Clickher because it sounds a lot like The Onion site Clickhole. I shouldn’t be thinking “Satire…for her” in a breathy perfume ad voice when I hear the name.

If you love following fashion news and want something a little different, give Clickher a download — it’s free and doesn’t require any logins and who knows, maybe you’ll find some perfect style or item of clothing!

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