Samsung Galaxy Fold Hits the USA Market Soon!

When Samsung pulled the Galaxy Fold due to some issues with the hinge, they promised that — like Arnold in Terminator — it would be back, and it is!

Samsung says they did all kinds of tweaks ahead of the launch, with changes to the design as well as the unboxing and ongoing support. The Fold, for those who are blanking, looks like a regular phone but can be unfolded to turn into a 7.3in tablet. It’s like the phone equivalent of a TARDIS.

Plus, Samsung wants to make sure you really understand your new phone, so they’re rolling out Galaxy Fold Premier Service to give you access to special training and tips on how to maximize your folding phone experience. For those who are more visual, Samsung also put together a video showcasing the Galaxy Fold features and how to use it:

No word on which carriers or exact costs yet, but I’d start gently reassuring your wallet now that you love it. The Galaxy Fold is going to be available in “the coming weeks” in the United States, so brace yourself!


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