Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

I usually upgrade my iPhone every year but The iPhone X was an exception. I had it for a full two years. Most of that time it was protected in a Pitaka MagCase Judie had reviewed. When I had my new iPhone 11 on the way, I knew I needed to protect it with something similar; I ordered a MagCase from Pitaka.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

The Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has the same design as the case Judie reviewed and sent to me. (Read her review.)

Judie began that review stating,

The Pitaka Aramid MagCase had been my case of choice for the last three iPhone versions as well as for the Samsung Note 8; it is the thinnest and lightest protective case I’ve ever tried.

I’m now in the same camp. Pitaka’s MagCase is thin and light; it works with magnetic mounts, and it offers a surprising degree of protection I loved it on my iPhone X. As soon as I ordered my iPhone 11, I went to Pitaka’s site and ordered one.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

When the $49.99 case arrived, I wasn’t disappointed.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

It looked exactly like the case I had been using for over a year and a half, albeit slightly larger to accommodate the 6.1” iPhone 11 and sporting a far larger cutout for the dual-lens camera system.

The case looks like it is made from carbon fiber but it is, in fact, made from Aramid, “a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, supercars.”

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

Aramid looks great, it impressively tough and has a “grippy but non-slippy coating.” More importantly, it avoids all of the connectivity issues that can emerge with carbon fiber. Aramid doesn’t interfere with cellular or WiFi connectivity, with GPS signals, or even wireless charging. Better still, the case has thin metal plates set embedded in the back so it can connect to any magnetic charging dock or magnet-equipped accessory. I have a number of magnetic charging docks from another company that I use next to my bed, in my car and in my study at work. I haven’t tried any of Pitaka’s magnetic products, but there are some on the way. I look forward to offering my thoughts on them soon.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

The thing I love most about the Pitaka MagCase is that fact that it is the closest you can get to carrying a naked phone without putting your ever-more pricey pocket computer at risk. It is exceptionally thin and surprisingly light but offers decent protection. I can’t tell you how many times I dropped my iPhone X while it was in the Pitaka case. I cracked my screen protector but the phone was completely unscathed. ( Full disclosure: This happened more than once.) So while the Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 isn’t a “rugged” case, not to mention it offers no lay-on-the-table protection, it offers excellent scratch protection and a surprising degree of butterfinger protection. Of all the cases I have used, and I’ve used a lot, this offers the best balance between bulk/weight and protection. I love it.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome


  • Metal plates inside to be attachable to the PITAKA magnetic car mount.
  • Made of 100% aramid, a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, supercars.
  • Weightless feel. 14g weight only. One of the lightest cases on the planet.
  • Extremely Thin. A slim profile of 0.85mm only.
  • Extraordinary scratch resistant, grippy but non-slippy coating.
  • Ridiculously durable and incredibly strong. 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight.
  • No interference with your phone’s WiFi, Apple Pay, wireless charging or signals.

So I ordered my iPhone 11 and immediately order one of the Pitaka MagCases. The case came before the phone so, as soon as I opened the phone’s box I popped it into the case. While the phone is a bit larger than the iPhone X, I felt right at home. The minimalist case doesn’t hide the phone’s refined design and it doesn’t make it bigger, bulkier and heavier. And as I go about my day, I’m confident my phone is protected.

Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Is Thin, Light, and Awesome

The Pitaka MagCase is fantastic. The Aramid material used in its production is thin and strong. It has just enough added tactile feel that the phone is easier to hold. The metal plates embedded in it are invisible when looking at the case, but they let you mount the phone to any magnetic charger or car holder. Add in the fact that it doesn’t interfere with the phone’s wireless charging, and you have my current case of choice. Check it out.

Source: Personal purchase

What I Like: Thin and light; Offers a surprising amount of protection; Metal plates work with magnetic docks for charging and a secure hold when in the car; Doesn’t interfere with wireless charging

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. I love love love this case

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