3 Ways Apple’s Series 5 Watch Wins, and 3 Ways It Loses

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a professional athlete or a casual gym-goer, you’ll want to learn more about the smartwatches on the market. If you have your eye on the Apple Series 5 Watch, here’s what you need to know.

3 Ways Apple's Series 5 Watch Wins, and 3 Ways It Loses

The Pros

Want to know why so many people are raving about the new Apple Series 5 Watch? Here’s a look at some of its most impressive — and unexpected — benefits.

1. Superior Monitoring

Accurate heartbeat ratings? Check. Performance summaries after a workout? Check. Wheelchair-friendly exercises, menstrual tracking and gym equipment pairing? Check, check and check.

When it comes to health and fitness tracking, the Apple Series 5 dominates the competition. Plus, its inclusion of features crafted for specific audiences, such as disabled users and women, makes it a more appealing option when compared to alternatives.

2. Improved Display

One of the top perks users enjoy from the new Apple Series 5 is its impressive, sleek and practical display.

Older series required you to constantly flick your wrist to view the screen, impacting the overall experience. Now you can see your watch’s display screen at any time without twisting your wrist to trigger the display.

3. Accurate Noise Readings

Due to its noise detection features, the Apple Series 5 Watch now serves as a capable hearing health monitor. When you turn on noise alerts, the watch informs you when you’re in a noisy environment with highly accurate noise level reports.

If you’re already discounting the noise monitoring benefits as an unnecessary add-on, think again. Experts claim there is a link between exposure to high levels of aircraft noise above 100 decibels and an increased risk for various health issues, such as stroke and cardiovascular disease.

3 Ways Apple's Series 5 Watch Wins, and 3 Ways It Loses

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The Cons

Before you invest in the Apple Series 5 watch, here are a few cons to consider.

1. The Unnecessary Compass

Most smartphones already come equipped with a compass. If you’re a self-declared Apple-enthusiast with an iPhone, you can access a compass app as a pre-installed feature on nearly every Apple phone model.

Consumers wonder why Apple felt the need to include a compass on the Apple Watch Series 5. Does this addition bring the user any real benefit?

2. The Battery Life

If users are looking for an improved battery life that leaves former models in the dust, they may end up disappointed.

The battery life of the Apple Watch Series 5 is virtually the same as the Series 4. While you can still go around a day on a full charge, the lack of improved life is a slight setback for Apple Watch fans.

3. The Price Tag

When compared to other smartwatches on the market, Apple is on the pricier side. The tech starts at $499, though a stainless steel model will run you $699 plus the cost of accessories.

Apple continues to account for nearly half of all smartwatch sales on the market. While the price may seem steep, the impressive performance makes money spent on this gear a well-made investment.

In the case of the Apple Series 5 Watch, the benefits significantly outweigh any downfalls. Visit Apple or shop online to discover available options.

The Apple Series 5 Watch retails for $399 to $1,399 and is available through Apple’s website and other online and in-store retailers.

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