Improve Your Internet, Your Pet’s Health, and Your Smartphone with TCL’s 2020 Lineup!

You might not recognize the name TCL, but they own Blackberry, Palm, and Alcatel, so they’re certainly someone who should be on your radar. They’re providing even more reasons to get to know them, with WiFi mesh routers, a pet tracker, and a new 5G smartphone!

WiFi mesh routers might not be an exciting dinner conversation, but as more and more of our devices become “internet of things” the need to cover your whole home in seamless wireless connections becomes as necessary as light switches. TCL’s LINKHUB series makes it easy to connect to your existing router, so your kids can stream Fortnite, grandma can stream Turner Classic Movies, and you can research the best noise-canceling headphones to drown out everyone else’s activities. LINKHUB Wifi Mesh is coming in Q2 2020 for $199.

In addition to using the internet of things to lock your doors, control your house temperature, and remotely start the coffee maker, you can also use it to stalk your pets. The TCL MOVETRACK Pet Tracker attaches to a pet’s collar and lets you set a geofence around the area so you’ll know if they’ve run off after that pesky squirrel that keeps taunting them. Also, there’s an LED you can have light up at night, so you’ll know for sure if the weird noise in the living room is ghosts or the dog hunting for a midnight snack. And if you’re really concerned your pet is being too lazy, you can use the MOVETRACK to ensure they’re hitting certain activity goals throughout the day. Even if you’re not hitting your 10,000 steps, that’s no excuse to let your dog get lazy too.

Finally, keep your eyes out in February 2020 for TCL’s announcements at Mobile World Congress. They’re going to be releasing the TCL 10 5G, the TCL 10 Pro, and the TCL 10L. All three have quad-rear cameras as well as TCL’s NXTVISION tech, which makes the display sharper as well as promises higher photo quality from the camera.

Lots of exciting things to watch from TCL in 2020!

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