Never Lose Track of the Stars with Celestron StarSense Explorer

My 6-year son is absolutely fascinated by the night sky. He loves to stargaze, and he asks a lot of questions about constellations, how far away they are, etc. I’m not terrible at spotting obvious constellations like the Big Dipper, but without help, I can’t identify Jupiter from a passing plane. Celestron has a solution with the StarSense Explorer.

Never Lose Track of the Stars with Celestron StarSense Explorer

There are lots of smartphone apps out there that let you point your phone to the sky and identify what’s above you at that moment. But Celestron’s StarSense Explorer takes that a significant step further by using a smartphone app to help you align a Celestron telescope with the sky. It’s like a GPS for your telescope, allowing you to zero in on what you want to see and align the telescope so you’re looking in the right place. Check out their video for a great demo of how it works:

This looks amazing! Celestron has taken a lot of the frustration out of using a telescope and can help an impatient kid (or adult) see the exciting stuff faster!

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