Make Room on Your Counter-Top for Gourmia’s Express Pot

Introducing Gourmia’s 6-Quart Express Pot Pressure Cooker. If you’ve been in the market for a faster, more efficient way of cooking all of the things instead of dirtying every pot in your kitchen, you really need to check out Gourmia’s latest product. Rivaling all things InstantPot, the Express Pot has made meal prepping for my family easier, for my dishwasher’s sake.

Make Room on Your Counter-Top for Gourmia's Express Pot

Featuring 14 different presets, the Gourmia Express Pot Pressure Cooker comes complete with an adjustable timer and pressure control so everything you make, from chili to Yogurt, rice and more cooked faster, with less effort. Like many other Instant Pots, the Gourmia Express Pot promises to allow you to slow cook, saute, and steam your meals to completion in a fraction of the time it would take you on the stove or over, with less to clean up at the end. One thing that I admire about the Express Pot is it that right of the bat, it looks incredible. While I have an InstantPot, the Express Pot by Gourmia not only looks better with its stainless steel appearance, but it’s impressive enough to sit on your countertops when not in use as well.

Make Room on Your Counter-Top for Gourmia's Express Pot

Here are some specs of the Gourmia Express Pot before I dive into my use of it:

AUTO RELEASE: Safely releases steam upon cooking completion, or at the touch of a button.
ADJUSTABLE PSI: From 1.5-12 psi.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Packs a kitchen full of specialty appliances into one powerful pot. This versatile Pressure Cooker can also Slow Cook, Saute/Brown and Steam.
SPEEDSENSE TECHNOLOGY: 1000 watts slashes away cooking time by 70%, while retaining maximum flavor and nutrients in meals.
13 in 1: Boasts a huge variety of 13 easy cooking modes, including Rice, Soup, Stew, Yogurt, Keep Warm and more!
SECURE LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Air-tight lid features a 12 level safety system, remaining firmly locked into place until internal pressure reaches safe levels to open.
6 Qt CAPACITY: Dishwasher safe, nonstick cooking pot removes for breezy cleanup.

Make Room on Your Counter-Top for Gourmia's Express Pot

One thing that I absolutely DREAD cooking on the stovetop is rice. It’s tedious, and I hate standing over the stove making sure that not only it doesn’t burn, but waiting for water to boil is a waste of time in my personal opinion. This isn’t the case anymore with the Gourmia Express Pot. With the 6 quart capacity of the Goumia ExpressPot, now I can simply use the 1 to 1 method (rice to water), in order to get a perfectly cooked pot of rice that all I have to do is fluff up with a fork. Since most of my meal prep these days consist of Chicken and rice, I can virtually do everything within one pot. Being able to saute vegetables, cook dried beans, and MOST importantly, even cooking my meats (frozen or fresh), means I don’t have to set food on the counter to defrost them is a blessing in disguise.

One thing that’s worth mentioning however is the fill line within the inner pot. You have to be mindful, especially when cooking items like chili, to not go above the fill line, as your food, liquids included can burn if you don’t obey the fill line. Gourmia was nice enough to include a little cookbook if you wanted to try various different meals but for me, I stick to the same 5 or 6 meals. Aside from the cookbook,t hey include a measuring cup and a mixing spoon which although nice, I found the mixing spoon to be on the small side, and not serving me any good when it comes to stirring my meals.

Aside from that, the Gourmia Express Pot has all but replaced my Instantpot, so much so, I purchased a second one, so when we have family functions, I can create my famous chili in one pot, and my meatballs in another, and when family comes over, I can use the automatic “stay hot” mode, so meals will be able to do just that until it’s dinner time. I’m personally a fan of the Gourmia Express Pot, but if you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can directly at

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Automatic modes will stop cooking, but keep warm if need be; I’ll never burn rice again; Stainless steel has counter-top appeal

What Needs Improvement: Possibly an 8-quart model?

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