The Elvie Pump Is Made to Empower Women to Learn from Pumping Sessions

Elvie is most known for the World’s first silent wearable breast pump, and at CES, the brand takes center stage to make breast pumping as streamlined as it’s ever been.

Continuing their stride for smarter technology comes in the new insights feature for the Elvie Pump. Many users of the Elvie wanted a function that could help them visualize their pumping data, and the brand listened to our requests. Already considered to be the world’s lightest and quietest breast pump, the Elvie Pump’s Insights app will allow tracking the total time mommy spends pumping, aggregated milk volume pumped, and the rate of milk expressed for each breast.

This is a huge deal for mothers as connecting the Pump to the app allows moms to get more out of their pumping sessions by viewing their milk volume in real-time. This has to be empowering for women that allows them to pump milk effectively by understanding their data allowing them to essentially “stockpile” their milk, knowing exactly the volume they produce over a certain period of time.
Per Elvie:
At Elvie, we are continuously innovating and working to empower our users with information that helps make their lives easier,” said Tania Boler, Founder and CEO of Elvie. “Customer feedback is always a large factor in deciding which features to add next or develop further. We built the Elvie Pump app’s Insights feature in response to our users’ requests for a way to see and understand their pumping data in order to plan their pumping sessions with confidence.

For more information on Elvie and the Elvie Pump, head over to their site.



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