Redecorate Your Living Room and Up Your Entertainment Experience with New LG TVs

Do you remember the book Fahrenheit 451? Chances are you remember the book burnings, but there’s a less apocalyptic aspect of the books that is coming true: televisions are evolving from a small part of our homes to central pieces of artwork that integrate deeply into the walls around us. LG is ready to help you decorate with their new lineup for 2020!

There are big televisions, and then there are BIG TELEVISIONS.

LG OLED ZX Real 8K models are 4 times more detailed than a 4K model and 16 times more than HDTV, which means mind-blowing picture quality, but in addition, they come in 77″ and 88″ sizes. To give you a sense of what that means, both of these televisions are wider than the width of the average sedan. Imagine mounting the back end of a Toyota Camry on your wall — these televisions are bigger. So…good luck getting it home if you drive a Camry, I guess.

If your concern is aesthetics, there’s also the LG Gallery Series. The 65-inch model is .79″ in thickness. Effectively, it’s about as thick as two iPhone 11s stacked together, or, about half the size of a copy of War and Peace. LG throws in a special wall mount that helps keep everything as flush as possible, so you really can treat your television as a work of art.

And if you’re just in the market for a regular television, maybe one that isn’t bigger than the average 3rd grader, there’s a new size of 4K television — 48″. At that size, it produces a screen density comparable to a 96″ 8K television, so you get a super sharp viewing experience.

All of LG’s televisions include Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos sound, and Dolby Vision IQ, which brings together audio and visual to best match how the content should be experienced. They also offer Filmmaker Mode, which removes motion smoothing and other effects while maintaining correct aspect ratios, so Martin Scorcese won’t think you’re as plebian as a Marvel film for how you’ve watched The Irishman. The LG Smart TVs with Web OS will also be getting Apple TV+ in 2020, joining Netflix, Disney+, CBS All Access and other streaming services. Gamers weren’t forgotten either, as LG is offering something called NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility, meaning you can enjoy PC gaming on your nice big LG TV. Finally, if you’re looking to follow your favorite sports team, LG’s televisions are offering Sports Alert to tell you when games start, the score, etc.

Televisions have been the center of most living rooms for a long time, but with newer, smarter, bigger televisions from companies like LG, they’re becoming artwork as well as hubs for all forms of entertainment! Look for pricing and release details on LG’s website.

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