Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

If you do a quick Google search for the best smartphone lenses, you’ll see that Moment’s lenses garner universal acclaim. And while Moment sells cases that work with their lenses, those cases are rather utilitarian. Nomad’s new Rugged Case for Moment changes that. It’s a beautiful, rugged case that will protect your phone and let you use Moment lenses.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses
We’ve reviewed Nomad’s Horween Leather Rugged Cases previously. They are not only beautiful, but they are also highly protective.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

The cases come in brown or black Horween leather that will gain personality over time.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

I love the feel of Nomad’s leather cases, and the fact that the leather looks better as it ages and gains a “well-loved patina” is a bonus. The cases are fairly thin, but they offer drop protection of up to six feet.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

The caases have raised edges that rise .75mm above the screen so your phone gains some lay-on-the-table protection.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

Add in the reinforced speaker ports, the 2.75mm protective backplate and the 1.85mm bumper thickness, and you have a rugged case that doesn’t feel overly bulky.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

All of that is standard fare for Nomad’s Rugged line of cases. What makes the Nomad Rugged Case for Moment special is the attachment point that lets you quickly secure Moment lenses to the case.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

The attachment point is Moment’s current, v2 fiberglass-reinforced lens mount interface and it is ready for your next adventure.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

Compatible with Moment’s M-series lenses, you can carry the phone as you normally would but, when presented with a great photo op, you can grab your Moment lens, place it on the phone and, with a quarter twist, secure it to the case with perfect alignment.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses

Of course, Moment lenses aren’t included in the $49.99 price of the case. Those will cost you north of $100 each, but if your smartphone photography matters to you, it might be worth it. Better still, once you buy a Moment lens or two, all you’ll need to do when you get a new phone is purchase the appropriate case. The lenses are, to a large degree, future-proof.

Here’s what Nomad has to say,

The Rugged Case for Moment is equipped with our most rugged construction and allows for Moment M-series Lens compatibility. Rugged Case a simple, minimalist case that combines sleek design and sturdy protection. Built with a high-grade polycarbonate body, bonded to a raised TPE bumper on the edge, Rugged Case provides protection for your screen and prevents damage from drops at all angles. Rugged Case is wrapped in supple Horween leather that develops a patina with time and takes on a look totally unique to your case.

The cases are available in your choice of black or brown leather. There are options for each of the three iPhone 11 models as well as cases for some Google Pixel phones. You can still use your phone’s wireless charging capabilities. The cases can be used with a lanyard for extra security, although Nomad doesn’t include a lanyard in the box.


  • Designed for the Photographer: Rugged Case for Moment is designed to work seamlessly with Moment lenses. Just rotate your Moment lens into place with a 90° turn and you’re ready to get shooting.
  • Horween Leather: We source this leather from the renowned Horween Leather Co. of Chicago, one of America’s oldest tanneries. Over time, the raw, vegetable-tanned leather will patina, developing a look that is exclusively yours. From day 1 to 100, your case will weather but not wear out, creating a handsome, rich character unique to you.
  • 6ft Drop Protection: Protecting your phone from damage is a case’s primary job. Rugged Case is equipped to protect against drops up to 6ft, keeping your iPhone safe from unexpected tumbles. Note: 6ft drop protection only applicable to Rugged Case with no lens attached.
  • Built to Last: We strive for classy, minimalist designs in all our products, but never compromise on durability. A full rubber frame and wrap-around TPE bumper ensure you can enjoy the beautiful look of leather without worrying about damage to your phone.

Nomad Announces New Rugged Case for Moment Lenses
I love Nomad cases, and these are no exception. The Rugged Case offers serious protection without the need for one of those big, bulky, boxy cases that are targeted to those leading active lives. The leather looks fantastic out of the box and gains character over time. I don’t have any Moment lenses in hand (I have one of their telephoto lenses on the way) but the case itself is fantastic even without them. Once I receive my lens I’ll update this review but, for now, suffice it to say I’m impressed. Even if you don’t have a Moment lens, this case might be worth your consideration. Check the new cases out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Beautiful Horween leather; Highly protective: Cutout are precise; Still allows for wireless charging; Attachment point for Moment lenses employs their V2 design

What Needs Improvement: To make full use of the case you need to have pricey Moment lenses

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