Xfinity Home Knows How to Find Reruns and Your Keys!

Tile is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. Slap one on your keys, wallet, backpack, or any other easily misplaced item, and you can call upon the power of several devices to track your wayward possessions. Comcast wants in on that sweet tracking action, and now you can use your Xfinity remote to find your keys!

Xfinity Home Knows How to Find Reruns and Your Keys! Comcast product photoshoot at the Comcast Technology Center Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019, in Philadelphia. (Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Comcast)

Honestly, this is probably pretty useful, especially now that we’re all home all the time. After all, if you do need to grab your car keys, do you know where they are? When’s the last time you drove? But you know EXACTLY where the remote is, because how else would you watch the news/Tiger King/reruns of Chopped for inspiration on what to do with 1/2 a box of pasta, 1/3 a container of icing, and chicken that’s juuuuuust on the verge of not being food-safe any longer. Now you can ask “Xfinity Home, where are my keys”? Remember to say please and thank you, so the inevitable AI uprising spares you for being polite. Unfortunately, Xfinity Home can only track things on Tiles, so it’s no use asking it where your last pair of clean pants are. Tile isn’t the only thing you can link to Xfinity Home, so check out the instructions as well as the full list here.

Xfinity Home Knows How to Find Reruns and Your Keys!

There’s another bonus beyond being able to converse with your tv remote on a more regular basis. All Xfinity devices with Bluetooth will be part of the Tile network, which will make Tile devices exponentially more accurate. Remember, Tile works in part by community connectivity-the more devices running Tile, the more Tile can zoom in on the location of any tracker with accuracy. Adding in an army of Xfinity devices makes it even more likely to zero in on precisely where you dropped those keys. Plus, Tile makes a stick-on version, so you could track your Xfinity remote WITH your Xfinity remote…

All jokes about being home aside, there’s no denying that whoever your internet provider is, you’re relying more heavily on them than ever before. Xfinity has even been able to shine a light on that with a look at how often families are pausing their wifi to enforce screen time breaks, how much more everyone’s using wifi, and even how people are enforcing internet breaks at lunchtime now that the whole family is home. It’s a really interesting insight into how families have changed their approach to the internet with “distance learning” and work from home, as well as a reminder that Xfinity users have significant control over their networks.

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