ISOtunes Free Truly Wireless Headphones Block Unwanted Noise without Wires

ISOtunes produces headphones for people who work in loud conditions such as workshops, construction, lawn care, and more. Their headphones are designed to reduce outside noise in order to protect your ears from long term hearing loss. The OSHA compliant ISOtunes FREE is their latest product, offering true wireless connectivity while staying true to their goal of hearing protection.

ISOtunes Free Truly Wireless Headphones Block Unwanted Noise without Wires

Retailing for $109.99, the ISOtunes Free headphones are ultra-lightweight Bluetooth earplugs that are designed to sit flush in your ear while reducing noise. The Free uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has a 7+ hour battery life while the included charging case will add another 14+ hours of listening time.

The ISOtunes Free are also designed to be IP45 dust, sweat, and water-resistant while providing high fidelity aptX audio and have a 22-decibel noise reduction rating, allowing you to hear clearly while reducing the noise surrounding you. Thanks to the 22 dB noise reduction rating as well as a SafeMax 85 decibel volume limit, they’re ANSI-certified as well as OSHA and NIOSH compliant. Each earbud has omnidirectional microphones that help cancel the noise and allows you to take calls in loud environments as well.

ISOtunes Free Truly Wireless Headphones Block Unwanted Noise without Wires

The fact that they’re completely wire-free lends to the fact that they’re made for wearing while doing work. You’re free to swing a hammer, drive a lawnmower, or plane a board in a woodworking shop without having to worry about whether you’re going to catch the wires from your headphones. The ISOtunes Free earbuds are really light and feel good in your ear thanks to their 4.5-gram weight, they don’t feel like they’re going to fall out on their own.

In addition to the included charging case that will recharge the earbuds twice without needing to be plugged in, the ISOtunes Free also come with 3 pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY foam eartips and 3 pairs of silicone double flange eartips. Having six eartips in two different styles will really help you dial in your comfort level, allowing you to customize your fit.

ISOtunes Free Truly Wireless Headphones Block Unwanted Noise without Wires

Each earbud has a button on it, allowing you to control your music without taking your phone out of your pocket. Volume is controlled by the button on the left earbud. A short press is to raise the volume and a long press is to lower the volume. The right earbud button has a few functions, with a short press it’ll answer or hang up on a call as well as play or pause your music. If you double press, you’ll fast forward and if you triple press, you’ll rewind. Pretty simple and effective, but takes some getting used to.

Having used them for a few weeks, I can safely say that they do just what they claim. They fit great, block out unnecessary outside noise, and they sound pretty good. Are they the best sounding headphones on the block? No, but that’s not what they’re made for. Their main audience is people who work in loud environments wanting to protect their hearing while also giving themselves something to listen to. I think they’re great headphones for what they are, and at $109.99, they’re pretty fairly priced.

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Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Like: Fit great thanks to swappable eartips; 7+ hour battery life; Block out unwanted noise

What Needs Improvement: Sound quality could use improvement, but it is likely not noticeable with a lot of background noise

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