Otto Wilde Grillers Debuts Groundbreaking New Smart Gas Grill on Kickstarter

There are just as many Kickstarter flops as there are stars in the sky, but the Otto Wilde Grillers story is different.  The Otto Wilde O.F.B. Griller, Kickstarted in 2016 tripled its crowdfunding goal and became a sensation in the grilling and BBQ community.  The Otto Wilde Grillers team is back with Otto’s G32, a high-end, modular, connected gas grill.

As of this article’s publication, Otto’s G32 Kickstarter campaign has raised more than 71 times its initial crowdfunding goal and is launching itself into the Kickstarter records books.  People are so excited about this gas grill partly because of Otto Wilde Grillers’ stellar reputation, but mainly because of the seriously high-tech features they’ve designed into Otto’s G32. Check out this impressive list of features:

  • Most importantly, Otto’s G32 is built out of stainless steel, so you know it’s made to last a lifetime and it has an insulated hood.
  • The grill is connected in its base form so that it can be monitored remotely using a smartphone app.
  • You’re also able to upgrade the Otto’s G32 so that it can be smart and you can actually control the grill remotely using their app.
  • The Otto’s G32 is modular, allowing you to add on features and expand your grill into an outdoor kitchen.
  • Each of the four burners pumps out 14,000 BTU, with a max temp of 1,100F
  • Extra long rotisserie burner at 12,000 BTU
  • Stainless steel grates
  • Lots of storage:  2 drawers with gas tank storage cabinet
  • Comes with four built-in zone probes to measure the temperature where it matters, at the grate line
  • Illumination of the interior of the grill with halogen lamps
  • Four meat probe connections, allowing you to follow your meat’s internal temperature remotely.

In addition to these spectacular built-in features, they’ll have modular add-ons available after launch, including:

  • A 16″ wide add-on grill, called the G16
  • Tables at 16″, 24″, and 32″ wide
  • 24″ wide compartments for a dry ager, fridge, or dishwasher (appliances sold separately)

Otto Wilde Grillers Debuts Groundbreaking New Smart Gas Grill on Kickstarter

The fact that this grill is modular is super exciting and it means that you can customize the grill to your liking, allowing you to expand your outdoor kitchen to your heart’s content.  I can’t wait to see what Otto’s G32 can do in person, and I am very happy for the Otto Wilde Grillers team.

Check out the Otto’s G32 Kickstarter Campaign, where at the time of publication, you can support the project for as little as 1€ (~$1.09) or pre-order an Otto’s G32 for the early bird price of 1429€ including shipping (~$1,559); the retail price will be around 1899€ ($1,999).

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