Space X and NASA Showed Us the Future This Weekend

This was a big weekend for the United States space programs! NASA and Space X successfully launched a shuttle to the International Space Station on Saturday, and on Sunday the shuttle docked!

Not only was Space X the first private company to launch astronauts to the International Space Station, but this was also the first time in almost 10 years that America sent our own shuttle, instead of being the world’s biggest moochers and hitching a ride with the Russians (what’s the space equivalent to ass, grass, or gas???)

If you missed the launch, you can catch a replay here:

And remember, this is the first step towards eventually sending someone to Mars, so brush up on your future neighborhood by watching Matt Damon get rescued yet again in The Martian. You can keep up with the adventures of Bob and Doug (and that stuffed dino that floated by the camera when they hit zero-G) on NASA’s official Twitter account.

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