The Most Metal Conspiracy Theory Ever!

It seems like the past few years have spawned more conspiracy theories than at any other time in my life — or at least, there have been more conspiracy theories that were totally ridiculous yet not laughed off universally. But this week, I came across a conspiracy theory I could get behind!

The Most Metal Conspiracy Theory Ever

A couple of common conspiracy theories from recent years are how 5G circuits are responsible for all manner of things and that some kind of secret tracking chip is being implanted in people as part of the COVID vaccines. These combined in a conspiracy theory out of Italy, supposedly showing a circuit diagram of the 5G tracking circuit implanted with the COVID vaccine.

The Most Metal Conspiracy Theory Ever

The problem? The circuit diagram is actually for the Boss MT-2 ‘Metal Zone’ guitar effect pedal (aka ‘stomp box’ —  you activate it with your foot)!

OK, this might all seem a bit esoteric for the normal person. As someone with a background as an electrical engineer, the moment I saw the circuit, I chuckled — because these are all analog circuits that are individual physical elements on a soldered circuit board, not some super-advanced ultra-integrated microchip. In fact, here is what the circuit board looks like in real life (it is about 2″ x 4″).

Boss MT-2 'Metal Zone' guitar effect pedal circuit board

Looking back at the circuit schematic at the top, suddenly it makes more sense why you would see the word ‘footswitch’ on the diagram.

Most. METAL. Conspiracy. Theory. EVER!

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