Happily Running Makes Great Masks for Running … and for Life!

As someone who runs outside every morning, and also someone in an essential job that required me to go into a facility every day, finding a mask that promotes safety while also being comfortable has been a key. I have plenty of surgical masks and homemade masks, all of which work well in general – but for running I really needed something safe, lightweight, and comfortable. The best thing I have found so far are the masks from HappilyRunning.com, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Happily Running Makes Great Masks for Running ... and for Life!

Here are the details:

Moldable band around nose to seal ( also prevents glasses from fogging!)
Behind the head Straps! NOT around the ear.
Thin elastic straps that don’t get in the way
Non intrusive [Hr] logo

Style: 2-Layer Face Mask for Personal Use (Rebel Blue & Enviro Green are 3-Layer)

Knit: 30/Singles Combed Ringspun Blend, Weight: 4.7oz.
50% Repreve® polyester made from recycled plastic; 25% organic cotton, US-grown w/o chemicals; and 25% TENCEL™ Modal

I purchased several two- and three-layer masks, with my assumption that the two-layer would be better for running and the three-layer for work. This was a great assumption and how I have used them.

Both masks have strap systems that wrap around your neck and around your head above the ears, making for a secure fit and also making it easy to leave the mask around your neck when it is not needed.

For running, the two-layer feels lighter than even my lightest balaclava – which is great since we are now encountering warmer temperatures even in upstate New York. The fabric is breathable, and the size and shape are perfect to provide the needed coverage without overheating or feeling like you are limited in any way for oxygenation. The fitted noseband allows for sunglasses without fogging, and full nose coverage without blocking vision. Also, the fit is very solid without being tight – so that even over a 12+ mile morning run I never had to readjust the fit.

The three-layer mask has been my constant companion to work since they arrived. The fit is perfectly comfortable and the material is breathable in a long day going in between climate-controlled labs and manufacturing areas with large heat sources. The mask is larger and provides fuller coverage, which is beneficial for working in areas with several other people and maintaining proper safety protocols. I was concerned that as days got hotter the extra layer would become a problem, but even as temperatures soared above 90F with high humidity in recent days I have had no issues.

The bottom line is we should all currently be wearing masks in public and continue doing so for the foreseeable future. And for me, having something comfortable to wear makes it much easier to keep my face covered at all times. Definitely check these masks out for active events as well as going out for general social events and work.

Source: Personal purchase

Price: $14.99 direct from Happily Running (frequently out of stock)

What I Like: great fit on most faces (even my big square head!), very comfortable, two-layer is lightweight and three-layer provides extra coverage and protection

What Needs Improvement: band on two-layer is thinner and gets wrapped up with everything in a delicate wash (band on the three-layer is perfect); too often they are out of stock!

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