MediaTek’s New 5G T750 5G Chipset Will Help Bring More Affordable Broadband Access


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No matter where you live or work, 5G — and access to its super-fast connectivity — is only going to become more important. MediaTek has just announced its new T750 5G chipset that will power next-generation 5G wireless products — like fixed wireless access routers and mobile hotspots — to bring 5G speeds into homes, businesses, and anywhere else they might be needed.

MediaTek's New 5G T750 5G Chipset Will Help Bring More Affordable Broadband Access

This latest 7nm compact chip design comes with an integrated 5G radio and quad-core Arm CPU. The T750 5G Chipset can handle everything device makers need to “build high-performance consumer premise equipment products in the smallest form factors possible.”

Pervasive high-speed broadband connectivity is becoming more important with the increase in connected devices and the surge of people working from home, taking online classes, and using services like telehealth and video calling. We are extending our 5G leadership beyond the smartphone segment with the T750 chipset, opening up new markets for broadband operators and device makers, and helping consumers – no matter where they live – to experience all the advantages of 5G connectivity. – JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and head of MediaTek’s wireless business unit.

If you live in an area with limited DSL, cable, or fiber services, 5G routers with support for sub-6GHz frequencies will be a more affordable broadband alternative. This technology will make a huge difference for rural areas like mine that don’t have a lot of broadband service options.

For consumers, the T750 offers a compact 5G device that they can self-install and avoid the hassles of lengthy installation times for fixed-line broadband. For operators, the T750 will provide 5G speeds right out the box to rival fixed-line services without incurring costs for laying down cables or fiber. The T750 chipset comes pre-integrated with software drivers for MediaTek’s connectivity solutions such as our 4×4 and 2×2 + 2×2 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 chipsets for distributing fast 5G internet to consumers’ favorite client devices.

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