BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect Is Ready for Wireless Audio Action

I recently reviewed the BRAVEN Flye Sport and was, admittedly, a bit critical. The best thing about them is the sub-$50 price tag. At $99.99, the BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect is double the price but, in my opinion, worth the price. They sound better, are more comfortable, and come with some extras that will surprise and delight you. Here’s why.

The BRAVEN Flye Sport are wireless earbuds that deliver up to 12 hours of music thanks to a battery pack that sits mid-point on the cords connecting the left and right earbuds. The sound is good but not great, and the battery pack was a bit annoying to me. For the BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect the company took a slightly different approach and it works!

The Flye Sport Reflect don’t have the battery pack found in their less-expensive cousin. The result is that the Flye Sport Reflect only get 5 hours of battery time per charge. What makes this a worthwhile tradeoff for me is not only the added comfort of the Flye Sport Reflect but the brilliance of BRAVEN including an external battery with the earphones.

The battery pack is small, but it delivers an additional 20 hours of music enjoyment. And there’s more.

BRAVEN added contacts to the in-line audio controller that match contacts on the battery. The audio controller sits in a depression the battery and when in place, the earphones get recharged. The battery even has a full-size USB port so you can top off other devices. But be warned, it is a small battery with limited capacity.

Find the perfect beat for your stride with the wireless BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect earbuds. Boasting high-fidelity audio and passive noise cancellation with a five hour playtime, these snug fitting earbuds remain comfortable and secure with your choice of inner or outer ear-hooks. Designed with a reflective cable so you’ll stand out dawn or dusk, the Flye Sport Reflect earbuds are also completely water and sweat resistant, meaning you can take on that extra mile without sweating it. The included battery bank houses the slim battery pack to recharge the battery for an additional 20 hours of use.

Because the Flye Sport Reflect comes with both the headphones and the battery the package includes both a USB to micro USB cable and a 3.5mm to micro USB cable for recharging the gear. (The recharging port on the earbuds is found behind a door on the in-line controller.)

The battery is not the only “extra” that makes the Flye Sport Reflect stand out. These earphones were designed for use when you are working out so keeping them in place is important.

To accomplish this BRAVEN not only includes various sized ear tips AND various sizes of in-ear stabilizing wings/ear hooks AND left and right ear around-the-ear hooks AND…

a cable retention clip that holds the earbuds in place and prevents the cable from flopping around when you run. That’s a lot of extras that come in the box, and it is worthwhile to experiment with the various extras, so you get the best and most secure fit possible.

It took me a while to get the right fit for the earbuds but, once I did, they were both comfortable and secure. The cable retention lip, while a small, simple piece of plastic, makes a huge difference when wearing the headphones while running.

The BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect also sound good! No, these aren’t audiophile-grade earphones. They don’t need to be. These earphones are designed for use while being active and they deliver. And while they are good enough to use during your morning commute or when you are lounging around during the second half of this summer, they come into their own when you go out for a jog.

At $99.99, the BRAVEN Flye Sport Reflect is a great option for anyone looking to get a good pair of wireless sport earbuds without breaking the bank. Check them out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Sound good; Decent battery life; Come with a small, external battery that adds significant battery life and more; Includes a ton of extras that will let you get the best, most secure fit possible

What Needs Improvement: Sound won’t blow you away, but they are enjoyable to listen to on the go and more

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