The Mystery of the Phantom TCL SOCL500TWS Wireless Earbuds

I’ve got something of a mystery on my hands, and I’m hoping the readers of Gear Diary can solve it. I have a pair of TCL SOCL500TWS Wireless Earbuds, which are great, but they fell out of my regular headphone rotation about nine months ago. There’s no real reason for this, they didn’t do anything wrong; I’ve just been reaching for others for work and exercise. Apparently, they felt neglected because a very strange event happened today…

TCL SOCL500TWS Wireless Earbuds

Today, I was on the phone for work, when suddenly my call went silent. At first, I thought we’d been disconnected, but when I went to look at the call screen, I realized somehow my call had jumped to the TCL SOCL500TWS Wireless Earbuds. I switched it back, apologized, and finished my call … but now I’m eyeing the TCLs very suspiciously. No one was near them (I was at my desk, my son was in the living room watching TV, and the TCLs were alone with a houseplant near the kitchen), so unless the plant wanted some music, there’s absolutely no reason for them to randomly power on and connect.

My only (tenuous) theory is that the battery case for the TCLs ran completely dry, and for whatever reason, that triggered the earbuds to think they’d been removed and activated (they showed a 60% charge when I checked them, which is pretty impressive after nine months). That, or I’m going to need to ask around regarding the theological implications of a Jewish person hiring an exorcist!

Has anyone else experienced phantom earbud powers? Any explanation for this? Please, I’ll take any guesses in the comments!


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