Folx Health Is Making HIV Prevention Drug PrEP More Accessible and Affordable for Everyone


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In a lot of ways, I came of age in a weird in-between generation. I’m on the cusp of the Generation X to Millennial transition. And as a child of the ’80s, I’m part of the generation of LGBT folks who grew up aware that AIDS was a scary pandemic, but after the age where we would have seen the worst of the horrors firsthand. But we all grew up being warned about it, and I knew many people who started taking PrEP as soon as they could afford it.

My friends who started taking PrEP did it because even if they hadn’t lived through the nightmare days of the AIDS crisis, they knew people who had. I also know of at least one friend who has expressed frustration in the past that he couldn’t get more people to take PrEP, usually because they felt it was too expensive or complicated.

Folx Health generic PrEP

That’s why we’re sharing the news that Folx Health has made PrEP more accessible and affordable. This might not be tech news, but it’s a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

The drug patents on PrEP have expired, so it can now be sold as a generic with much lower costs and barriers to entry. 

Here’s what Folx Health is offering:

Available today, FOLX is offering Members PrEP and clinical care for simple monthly price of $90/month, inclusive of:

  • 90-day supply of PrEP delivered discreetly, with refills provided automatically and zero interactions at the pharmacy needed
  • Unlimited clinical support provided by FOLX’s queer and trans clinicians and messaging to address questions or concerns
  • Clear and easy access to quarterly lab services required to continue receiving PrEP, available through Quest Diagnostics ($35/month), at-home lab kits ($55/month), or uploaded labs obtained through a clinic or other clinician

PrEP is a basic, preventative medicine that can keep people from dying. It is about time that it became more accessible.

If you or anyone you know engages in behaviors that put them at risk for HIV, this is an offer that you absolutely must consider. Unfortunately, PrEP wasn’t an option for many of the 700,000 people who have passed away of AIDS-related complications in this country, but it is now.

We’ve come a long, long way since AIDS was known as GRID (Gay-related immune disorder), and President Reagan’s press secretary was laughing off reports of people dying. PrEP is a safe and effective way to make sure we never see those days again, and Folx Health is doing its part to help. Folx also offers hormone replacement therapy, and it looks like they’re planning to expand to more ways to help make queer health more accessible.

You can check out everything Folx Health offers, including generic PrEP, here.

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