An Ingenious Dieting Tool: The Diet Fork

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An Ingenious Dieting Tool: The Diet Fork Listen to this article

An Ingenious Dieting Tool: The Diet Fork

I saw this on Etsy, and thought it was cute. Want to look more svelte? Try eating less with a “Diet Fork”. You’ll be so frustrated by the time you are done trying to stab your spaghetti or rice, that you’ll just naturally begin eating less, your stomach will shrink, and you’ll live happily ever after!

Well, maybe losing weight isn’t quite that simple.

Okay, so there are some fundamental flaws with that theory, but I still thought the Diet Fork Magnet was a whimsical item — perfect for gifting to your friends who are always starting the latest fad diet. At least this diet might make them smile.  =)

DIET FORK Silverplate Refrigerator Magnet by HeavyMetalMilkman ($6)

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