AT&T Rolls Out the First Responder-Ready and Affordable Samsung Galaxy A13 Smartphone

Everyone has that one relative who is completely content with their phone and doesn’t see why they have to upgrade. Or maybe you know someone who is…clumsy and needs a sturdy phone that can’t be destroyed in the course of everyday use. AT&T’s got you covered with the new Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, a phone that comes in at a very wallet-friendly $249.99 upfront or just $6.95 per month!

Samsung Galaxy A13

The Samsung Galaxy A13 sports a 6.5″ screen, three rear cameras (50MP/2MP/2MP), and a fast-charging battery. Inside, it’s rocking a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chip, so you can expect speedy and efficient performance! In addition, the Galaxy A13 is compatible with FirstNet, a service that prioritizes access for first responders on 5G and LTE networks, so their connections are always reliable in case of emergencies.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is shipping with Android 11, and it offers 64GB of internal storage with up to 1TB of microSD storage. Combined with the 6.5″ Gorilla Glass screen, this means you’ll have plenty of room for movies, music, games, and everything else you might want to take on the go. At just $7 per month, it’s an absolute bargain of a phone that would be a worthy upgrade or extra phone for any plan!

Check out the details on the Samsung Galaxy A13; it’s exclusively at AT&T.

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  1. The A13 has some very nice features for its price, though having 50MP on one of its rear cameras is quite exceptional.

  2. I tried one and agree that this is a good all-arounder at a nice price. For the majority of people these entry-level of phones are just fine … and better than the top of the line phones of a few years ago.

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