Esper Hand Brings Prosthetics into the Future with a Powerful Combination of Cloud Connections and Robotics

Robotics is doing a lot more for the world than just creating autonomous vacuums (although those are pretty great!). One of the most interesting and world-changing ways that robotics can change the world is through improvements in prostheses. Esper Bionics’ new Esper Hand is taking cloud connections, robotics, and prostheses to a new level!Esper Hand

The Esper Hand can connect to Esper Bionics’ Cloud Platform, allowing it to recognize situations better and properly determine the correct amount of grip and other movements needed for each situation. And the more it gets used, the smarter the platform becomes, tailoring the experience to the user and making it more and more effective over time.

According to Esper, there are over 5 million amputees globally, and 99% of hand prosthetics have a minimal function. Esper Hand could be a game-changer for millions, and it’s exciting to see where this technology goes from here! The company is saying that as of CES 2022, it will be available for any US amputee!

Talking about further plans, Esper Hand is the first robotic hand that can be affordable in the majority of markets due to versions with different prices, from the USA and the EU to Brazil and Indonesia.

Check out the Esper Hand in action:

You can learn more about the Esper Hand here.

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