Arlo Security System Offers All-in-One Sensors for a Safer Home

The democratization of home security doesn’t get enough attention. Sure, you can call a company, go to the hassle and expense of waiting for them to install the system only to be then saddled with a substantial monthly monitoring fee. Or, you can turn to one of our favorite smart home security brands and let the Arlo Security System secure your home for less.

Arlo Security System multi-sensors and security hub

Arlo Security System multi-sensors and security hub

The Arlo Security System is designed to be simple to install and even easier to use. At the center of the system are a discreet, first-of-its-kind, all-in-one multi-sensor that measures just 1.1″ across and a security hub with an integrated, backlit keypad for easy use when it’s day or night.

The small, unassuming multi-sensors can be configured for a range of security purposes, including recognizing motion, door/window openings and tilt, water leaks, light/temperature changes, and T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarm patterns.

The multi-sensors are very compact, and they can be placed anywhere without hardwiring. That means you get security not only from home invaders but also from silent killers, such as smoke and carbon monoxide.

Arlo Security System multi sensor

Arlo Security System multi-sensor

The Arlo Security System’s modular hub also offers built-in features that include a siren, a motion, and a smoke/CO alarm sensor; it has an integrated backlit keypad so you won’t have trouble punching in the correct code.

The hub also includes NFC technology that allows users to arm or disarm the system by simply tapping their mobile device on the hub. I love seeing NFC employed in practical ways rather than merely being an “oh, that’s cool” feature you’ll never use.

Arlo ecosystem

As you would expect, the new Arlo Security System works perfectly with existing or added Arlo security camera devices, the Arlo App, and Arlo Secure subscription service. Together, all the parts of the new system promise excellent security and the ability to monitor your home more closely than ever.

Arlo has also announced a partnership with Matter Alliance and, through this agreement, pledges to support the further development of an open-source standard for even greater integration and a seamless smart home security experience. As the company explains,

Arlo’s support for Matter demonstrates the brand’s agnostic stance in the smart home space, emphasizing its leadership and ongoing commitment to broad-range compatibility. Users benefit from more efficient, integrated access to popular Arlo features no matter which third-party smart home device is used in their home.

Arlo Security System

We don’t have the final word yet on pricing for the Arlo Security System or whether it will tie in with an existing subscription to Arlo Secure (which starts at just $3.99 a month for one camera, $9.99 per month for unlimited cameras, with the option for top-tier 24/7 emergency response, unlimited cameras, and premium 4K video cloud storage for just $14.99 a month), or if it will entail an extra monthly charge. We’ll update this post once we do.

Keep an eye out for more info on the Arlo Security System here.

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