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Sonos Prime Day Deals Offers up to 29% Off on Some of Their Most Popular Speakers

As I’ve shared many times, I am a long-time Sonos fan, and I really enjoy using their audio products. At home, we have at least one of their speakers in each room, their soundbars are connected to our televisions, and their new Roam 2 portable speaker is fantastic. With Sonos Prime Day Deals, you can save up to 29% on some of their most popular speakers.

The Arlo Security Tag Adds Even More Convenience to Your Arlo Home Security System

Arlo makes products that provide comprehensive DIY  home security solutions with advanced features like 24/7 monitoring, customizable access, seamless integration, and user-friendly design. If you’re in the Arlo ecosystem, you’ll be interested to know that the new Arlo Security Tag is out, and it offers a seamless way to manage your Arlo Home Security System and the Arlo Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). This lightweight and compact tag fits easily on a keyring. It allows you to arm or disarm your security system with a simple tap on the Keypad Sensor Hub or Video Doorbell, making home security management hassle-free.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels Offers a Local, AI-based Home Security System

A newcomer to the home security market, Singapore-based Safemo (a combination of the words Safe and Mode) offers a new home security system composed of two wireless cameras and a hub with two 5W solar panels. As with other systems on the market, this system can differentiate between people, vehicles, and packages, but unlike other systems, it does so locally using AI and data processing, all without a monthly subscription. Up to six months of data and video (32GB) can be stored on the device. An optional SSD hard drive can add up to 4TB of storage.

Vivint Chime Extender Review: Never Miss Another Visitor

I have been reviewing Vivint products for a few years now and am excited about how much their product line has expanded. They keep developing new devices that make your house more secure and smarter. The latest device I have installed is the Vivint Chime Extender, which ensures you never miss a chime, even when away from the smart panel.

Hang Enbrighten Eternity Lights Once, and You’ll Enjoy Permanent Outdoor Accent and Holiday Lighting Year-Round

There’s something magical about lighted neighborhoods during the holidays. Whether the lights are a minimalistic white or an over-the-top cha-cha display, I love looking at their festive effect. Even so, I’ve never strung lights on my own home; I’ve always thought that doing so would be a hassle, especially since you have to remove them a month or so later and have a safe place to store them. But the new  Enbrighten Eternity Lights are making me rethink my stance; they are permanent outdoor LED lights that, once installed, remain in place year-round, providing many outside lighting options.

Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and Yale Keypad Offer Easy DIY Smart Security Options for Renters

Today, Yale has introduced its first retrofit smart security solution, which will make the brand’s security products available for the first time to most US renters. The Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and the wireless Yale Keypad are designed with first-time users, renters, and those hesitant to modify their locks in mind; these products promise an affordable, top-tier, and user-friendly solution, with a myriad of access options for key-free convenience.

Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection Added to Outdoor Camera Pro for Real-Time Alerts and Recordings When a Vehicle Enters the Designated Area

In my smart home setup, we have covered many Vivint products. The system adds a lot of convenience and next-level security to a home. The cameras keep adding features and getting smarter, making managing security remotely easy. The new Vivint Smart Home Vehicle Detection for their Outdoor Camera Pro does just as the name implies — it will alert you when a vehicle arrives, leaves, or passes through a designated detection zone.

The Aiper Horizon U1 Lawn Mower Brings the Brand’s Robotic Prowess to Lawn Care

For the past few summers, I’ve reviewed and continued to use Aiper robots to help keep my pool clean in between professional services. The brand hasn’t stopped making great pool-cleaning robots but is expanding its line-up to include robots for other purposes. They’ve just announced the new Aiper Horizon U1, their first cordless robotic lawn mower.

Nanoleaf Skylight Pre-Orders Open and 4 Other New Lighting Solutions Announced to Transform Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Nanoleaf is adding new products to its line-up, promising enhanced color and lighting experiences for indoor and outdoor spaces. They’ve just announced Orchestrator software, Essentials Matter Smart Multicolor Lightstrip (for indoor use), Outdoor String Lights, and Permanent Outdoor Lights. Additionally, Nanoleaf is finally opening pre-orders for the much-anticipated Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light!

LG Brings the Cutting Edge to Its 2024 OLED Television Lineup!

Do you need a new TV? LG is giving you good reason to think you do with their updated OLED TV lineup for 2024! LG is packing some serious technology with an AI processor to sharpen objects and analyze colors to adjust to various scenes. At the same time, Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro will create images that look more vibrant and three-dimensional.

The Bio Bidet BB-1200 Bidet Toilet Seat Offers an Innovative, Affordable, and Consumer-Friendly App-Controlled Bidet Experience

Since most homes in the U.S. aren’t built with bidets installed, adding one to your existing toilet seat is a great way to upgrade your bathroom experience. If you’re considering which to get, you should take a look at the just-announced Bio Bidet BB-1200 Bidet Toilet Seat; not only does it offer all the bells and whistles you’d expect, like a heated seat, unlimited warm water, multiple cleaning modes, a nightlight, and warm air for drying, it’s also first-ever North American bidet toilet seat to be controlled by a smartphone app.