2023 LG Gram Lineup Takes Name Literally with Latest Thin and Light Models

Do you want performance and portability from your laptop? Then you want to consider the 2023 LG Gram line, which is designed to be thin and light while you’re on the go. Here at CES, LG is rolling out new updates to lighten your load while speeding up your life!

A woman wih blonde curlyhair wearing blue jeans, a white tee shirt, and a pink sweater vest uses a stylus to color on an LG Gram.

The headliner is the LG gram Ultraslim, which clocks in at only 2.2 pounds and 0.43″ thick when closed. For reference, that’s about 1/10th of an inch thicker than an iPhone 14, so…pretty darn thin!

The size doesn’t mean you give up any power or performance with Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake chips, a 15.6 OLED display, and an ultra-compact charger.

2023 LG Gram Lineup Takes Name Literally with Latest Thin and Light Models

Meanwhile, the LG gram Style is no slouch. This model features a glass design that makes the colors shimmer and shift. Plus, they’ve “hidden” the haptic touchpad and outfitted it with LED backlighting you can turn on and off at a touch. Pretty slick!

Like their slim siblings, the gram Style laptops all pack Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake chips and an anti-glare OLED screen. New this year is also Dolby Atmos, so you’re Netflixing on the go will sound as amazing as your laptop looks.

In addition to Slim and Style, the regular gram lineup is getting refreshed laptops in screen sizes ranging from 14″ up to 17″. All the new grams have a compact power adapter as well as batteries that can handle over 20 hours of video.

And if you opt for the 16″ or 17″ gram, there are also NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs so you can be productive AND entertain yourself.

If you like to get touchy with your laptop, LG didn’t forget about you, either. They’re rolling out new 2-in-1 grams that come in both 14″ and 16″ screen sizes, so you can easily flip between laptop and tablet mode.

You can also pick up an optional LG Stylus Pen for handwriting and sketching while in either mode!

2023 LG Gram Lineup Takes Name Literally with Latest Thin and Light Models

Finally, if you’re on the go and you crave extra screens (and who doesn’t these days?) LG is refreshing their +view for LG gram. This is a portable monitor to go along with the gram family; this year’s model will sport two USB-C ports for extra connectivity.

No word yet on pricing or availability yet, so keep your eyes on the LG gram page for updates.

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