TrueKinetix TrueTrainer Aims to Make Indoor Cycling Fun!

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TrueKinetix TrueTrainer Aims to Make Indoor Cycling Fun! Listen to this article

Bike riding is a super fun outdoor activity, whether you ride intensely or just like to tool around town. The downside is in winter and bad weather when you need to take the training indoors and hook up to a device to cycle in place. It’s just not the same, either emotionally or physically. TrueKinetix can’t help (as much) with your desire to get outside, but they can help make it a more fulfilling exercise with TrueTrainer.

TrueKinetix TrueTrainer Aims to Make Indoor Cycling Fun!

TrueTrainer is a direct drive trainer that utilizes robotics and AI to make the pedal force feel more natural.

You can adjust the resistance up to 2,600 watts, which TrueKinetix says is up there with the best cycling sprinters in the world. Helpful if you’ve ever fantasized about how it would feel to be approaching the finish line at the Tour de France!

And if you like mountains, you can simulate up to a 15% grade, which, if you do, more power to you.

In addition to those features, the TrueTrainer can also simulate different cranksets and rear cassettes no matter how you have your bike outfitted, so you can change the training experience without getting out your bike tools.

There’s also a graphic display feed that you can connect via HDMI ports to your TV or monitor and WiFi for easy syncing.

And you won’t have to worry if this will impact your electric bill or give you another device to charge. Instead, the TrueTrainer uses the cyclist’s own energy generation to power the device, making a successful ride even more productive!

TrueKinetix is just now coming to the USA, so pricing and availability for US buyers aren’t available yet. But if you’re in Europe, you can check out TrueTrainer here!

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