MediaTek Is Speeding into 2023 by Improving WiFi Speeds and Connecting More Devices!

MediaTek is absolutely everywhere! Once you know to look for MediaTek and their flagship chips like Dimensity, you’ll see they’re powering all kinds of devices. MediaTek is about to conquer even more with improvements in WiFi 7 connectivity and the new IoT Genio 700 SDK to power all those new connections!

MediaTek Is Speeding into 2023 by Improving WiFi Speeds and Connecting More Devices!

Let’s start with the WiFi improvements.

WiFi 7 is the next step in speedy internet, and MediaTek has a few ways they’re tackling it. Working with different OEMs, like ASUS, AMD, TP-Link, and others, MediaTek provides the sort of under-the-hood designs that let companies take full advantage of the higher standard.

MediaTek’s WiFi 7 technology is designed to reduce power consumption by 50%, and it uses the 320MHz channel, which has DOUBLE the bandwidth of WiFi 6!

MediaTek has a way to help with WiFi infrastructure as well. They’re partnering with Federated Wireless to make sure their new WiFi 7 chips are compatible with Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC).

If you’re scratching your head on what an AFC is, here’s the TL;DR: it’s basically the standard that allows stores, casinos, towns, etc., to offer large-scale WiFi without interfering with other frequencies. If you want a more technical read, you can start a deeper dive here.

But the upshot of all this is that MediaTek’s WiFi 7 offerings will be able to use over 850MHz spectrum in the 6GHz frequency, so you won’t get frustrated trying to connect to the Home Depot WiFi to find out where the LED strips live.

MediaTek Is Speeding into 2023 by Improving WiFi Speeds and Connecting More Devices!

Finally, once you have all this speedy WiFi 7 flying around, MediaTek is making sure they’re powering your devices that are connecting to it!

That’s where the upcoming Genio 700 comes in, with support for dual displays, high-speed interfaces like USB 3.2, and two ARM processors for plenty of power and smarts. This allows for significant flexibility for OEMs to use the Genio 700 to power anything and everything smart home and beyond!

You can learn more about MediaTek Network and Connectivity by clicking here.

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